Precious Moments This is The Day The Lord Has Made

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Precious Moments This is The Day The Lord Has Made

My Church has a junior church for the kiddos.  The kids come up when we sing and then after the praise team is done they go down stairs with their teachers to have a kid church.  I love it, that way instead of watching them I get to really hear the message.  Plus they get the same message in a way they are better able to understand.  In my book it is win win.
Last October my little sister got married.  She went to a different Church then I do to get married.  In support of her I attended a few sermons at this Church with her.  They have no junior Church though, so I had my kiddos with me the whole time.  It was okay I didn't get much sense out of the sermons though and then we took Communion.  My sister was sick that day with a cold so it was me and me alone who had to keep them under control. I remember praying as we headed to the front of the Church please God let them behave, please let them NOT spill the juice or toss their bread at each other PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.
We got up there and it went perfect, I stood in awe at how well behaved they were they dipped their bread into the grape juice, put it in their mouth swallowed and then said thank you to the preacher.
I went after them and they waited calmly for me.  My sister was behind me she dipped her bread, stuck it in her mouth and then sneezed and the grape juice soaked bread came flying back out!
Both my boys and I am sure myself had looks of horror on our faces.  Everything was super quite, and then  Brandon Jr my oldest asked her "Why would you do that to me?"  You know because she did it on purpose just to cause him humilation lol.  Once he said that though EVERYONE started to laugh and I think it made my sister feel a bit better.

We all still giggle about that day, well okay most of us Brandon Jr still makes a face of horror when we talk about it.  It was a Moment though and for the rest of my kiddos lives they will remember that day and the first time they took communion.  And thanks to the Precious Moments Figurine we will now have a sweet little momentum of that moment.  

Make her First Communion Day even more special with this figurine that captures this moment, beautifully.  A sweet First Communion remembrance piece for a young girl to treasure always. Features include a golden cross at the end of her rosary, a beautifully bound, blue Bible she holds, and white gauze veil. Hand crafted in Bisque Porcelain and painted by expert artisans.
My kiddos have taking Communion with me twice since then and they now understand more about why we do it and the real reason behind it.  I do wish their first Communion was a bit more "classy" I guess the word would be, but it is what it is.  And I can safely say that not to many people will have that story for their first time.  And God knows that at the heart of things my boys are silly.  I think that was his way of personalizing the day just for them.