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Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for review
Hello summer stains, oh you know who you are.  Grass stains, mud stains, BBQ stains and what I can only call mystery stain!
With two little boys I am very familiar with each of these stains.  They seem to think that their clothing is napkins to wipe their hands on.  For me as long as it isn't their Church clothing I don't care.  Boys will be boys and growing up with little brothers I knew what was coming my way.  I just stock up on stain fighting detergent and I am good to go!  No I have 3 bottles of detergent in my laundry room.  1 is for me, I like to smell girly.  See as I am the only girl no one else likes it.  No big deal that just means more for me :) 2 my homemade stuff, this is a mixture of borax, felpsnaptha(Can't spell this to save my life, water, washing soda and some tea tree essential oils.  I like to mix this one with everything.  It has a lot of stain fighting powers.  And then we have detergent number 3 and I call this one my power detergent.  I have to make sure it is strong, because it fights all my kiddos stains and my hubby's odors.  I am not being mean he works 10+ hours some days and his warehouse doesn't have AC.  :(
For detergent 3 I need something strong and for me that is Purex.  It has always been my go to detergent and thanks to the all new Purex Plus Clorox it now has even more stain fighting power!

Now being the clothing lover that I am, I so forgot to take a before photo.  But let me just explain a bit what happened.  My little guy had a soccer game (Not for a team, we had our old uniform and we were going to play with some buddies) the shorts of his uniform are white.....  It is April so I am sure you know with all the rain there is MUD everywhere.  And he is, well, he is a boy.
You get where I am going?
The uniform was covered in mud.  After the game we rushed  home and I got to work banging the mud off his kleets, shaking it out of his clothing and then rushing it to the washing machine.  That is when Purex plus Clorox stepped in and saved the day.
You would never be able to tell where that dread mud was!