Stance Socks

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own
At Christmas time I get my boys and I matching socks.  As we decorate the tree we all put on our matching socks and favorite PJS.  It has become a sort of tradition.  As a mom and grown women I don't get many chances to wear fun socks, my boys on the other hand like to wear them YEAR round :).  And on my days off relaxing around the house I too like to put on fun socks.
That is why I love the company Stance.  Stance makes some amazing socks that are both stylish and fun.  Lets not forget very comfortable and a unique.  And after checking out their site I can say it seems like they have a style for EVERYONE!
Now you may not know this about me but I have a full drawer of socks.  So much so that I need to put a few pairs in my hubby's drawer.  So I turned down this review for myself and instead got my kiddos some socks
So remember how I said they have a sock for everyone?  My oldest LOVES all things history.  Every year we go to Gettysburg for a day trip, because he begs us too.  Plus we live in PA so it is one of the closet historical sites to our area.  He loves it, because he loves history he of course is curious about all things USA.
This summer we are going to the beach, he wants to go to Washington DC instead.  When we went to New York he wanted to see the Statue of Liberty (We didn't get there :(!  One day).  At Barnes and Nobles when my youngest heads over to play with the train, my oldest goes with my brother to the history sections.  How many kids do you know that has a 2 inch thick book all about Abe Lincoln and the Civil War?  History is his calling, and guess what?
Stance has a sock for that!

And these are just two designs of many!  They have shark socks, sport socks, skeleton socks, flower socks, animal socks and all of this is just a small section of the boys socks!  They have them for girls, adult women and adult men.
Like I said something for everyone.