The Truth About Angels by Tony Evans

Disclaimer I was given a copy of this book for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.

The Truth About Angels By Tony Evans

As a small child I had very many misconceptions about Angels. I always thought when we passed away we became Angels. As I got older I learned better and started to learn a little bit more about them. And I really mean just a little. There isn't much information about Angels out there! This book covers all the major questions you could have about Angels. Who they are and what they do. How they effect us and how their gifts are used in service to God. When this book arrived I was a bit upset it was only as thick as my pinky finger. Trust me when I say the message and words packed a powerful punch! The book may be tiny, but the words are mighty My only issue is the book left me wanting more. I get that the author was very to the point, but I wish there was just more there.
Some of the topics that really interested me was when the author talked about the difference between Angels and Demons. Also when he spoke about them fighting a spiritual warfare on our behalf! After reading this book I still have many questions about Angels (maybe even more then when I started) but I do feel like several were answered and backed up with Biblical proof!