Leave me alone summer.......

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own
I hate summer.  Anyone who knows me can tell you this and they can also tell you I hate being outdoors.
Several reasons 1 I don't let getting over heated, I live in PA and the humidity  makes my asthma act up.  The heat also gets to me I mean come on who likes to sweat.  And to really top of my hate of summer we just found out Quinn is allergic to bug bites :'( last summer he got a huge skin infection and we had no clue why.  This summer he started to get it again (Thank God we caught it early and were able to stop it before it got out of hand) and it turns out bug bites on his face causes it!
This mama is so over summer.  
Okay so yes I hate summer, but I still need to go out and function like a normal human (My words not my hubby's) one of his favorite things about summer is hiking and bike riding.  The man loves to go for a morning jog, and when I say morning I mean bright and early we need to be on our way to work by 6am.  The worst part is my hubby doesn't like to do any of this alone.  So I get dragged out and forced to run and sweat with him

I don't like doing it so I better be comfortable as I do!  That is why I adore the all new  No nonsense fitness socks

No matter your fitness of choice – from long walks to rock climbing to spinning at your favorite studio –  choose from No nonsense’s variety of athletic socks for any activity! We’re including a snapshot of our top picks below:
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