Looking good in your French Toast Clothing

Disclaimer: I was given product in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.
When I told my boys that they were getting French Toast clothing they both got confused looks on their face.  The little goof balls thought i meant the food!  After explaining to them what it was just the name brand they both got pretty excited.
You see my kids like to dress up up!  We are a family of clothing lovers.  Well my kiddos and I are my hubby just wears the same tees and pants over and over again.

Us on the other hand have and outfit for everything and accessories to match.

So onto the site we went and right away they zeroed in on the muscle shirts.  At age 5 and 8 there is very little muscle to be seen.  But it makes them feel cool to wear them and who am I to stand in the way of coolness

That is the thing about French Toast Clothing they are cool and their styles are in.  They constantly update what the have so kids will always feel hip when wearing them  (Fingers crossed the word hip is still in, this mama is so behind on the lingo)

As a mom I like that they clothing is durable and made to last.  I have two very active little boys, I need clothing that can last playing outside all day.  Baseball and the dreaded wrestling matches they keep having.
I need clothing that can handle my pups jumping up on the boys and clothing that does rip in the washer.  Trust me with 2 boys I do a whole lot of laundry.  

French Toast Clothing fits this bill in every single way!   Durable made to last clothing that helps this mama save money not having to keep replacing them!

The muscle shirts my boys reviewed are just 1 of the many items French Toast offers.  They have something for all seasons and stuff for both boys and girls.
I like that a lot of their clothing can be casual and classy

Back to School shopping will start in just 1 month in the Miller household, I so know where we will be shopping :)