Take Dad to the funnest place in the World CHUCK E. CHEESE!! Where a dad can be a kid :)

Disclaimer:  I received a promotion package to write this post.

You know one of my favorite things about Chuck E. Cheese?  It is fun no matter what age you are!
Really my little guy was two the first time we took him and he loved going on all those little rides and playing the easier games.  My dad who is 50 and my brother who is 24 have marathones at the ski ball.  And my grandfather who is in his 70's plays that game where you drop the coin in and see how many you can push out
My pap swears there is a secret to this game (We all know it is just luck!!  Right??)

We are a family of Chuck E. Cheese'sers and this year for Father's Day the fun gets even better
There is a Father’s Day Value Deal: Large 1-Topping Pizza, 4 Soft Drinks, 30 Tokens, and Small Wings for $29.99 (wings are free)
Also families can get Chuck E.’s Champions score cards to play with the kids
And I personally think the funnest part is going to be t he hourly raffles for dads to get a turn in the ticket blaster

Do you know how many times my hubby looked at the birthday kids in there with a look of envy in his eye!!  He swears he could catch that lucky ticket (I tried once I couldn't not nab that little sucker lol)

So much and all in celebrations of the men we love most!  
Dads work hard everyday they desearve some fun time and I think Chuck E. Cheese just maybe one of the funnest places in the world!

Oh wait Chuck E. Cheese isn't done yet they are also running a fun sweepstakes
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