This mama is so over the bugs

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Yesterday I took my kindle out to my front porch.  Got into my favorite swing chair, fluffed my pillow and laid back to start reading.  5 minutes later I was yelling and running into the house.
The reason why is because I got bit 4 times by bugs in that 5 minutes!  I swear the one mosquito had to 3 feet long judging by the welt sized bit on my arm :(

I was so upset!  All I wanted to do was read a book on my porch.  It is okay though because thanks to US Organic I now have a safe way to fight back!

While choosing a good daily SPF is essential for daytime sun, using a good bug-repellent is equally important for day and night alike. No one wants mosquito bites or any insect bite for that matter, and with Zika Virus on the rise, finding the best bug repellent for your family has never been more important.  U.S. Organic Group Corporation, a manufacturer and marketer of certified organic products, has created a line of Anti-Bug Spray products suitable for everyone.

U.S. Organic's Anti-Bug Spray line offers herbal-based insect repellents made with nine premium organic ingredients. Its formula provides long-lasting protection against bugs and from mosquitoes carrying Zika virus, Dengue virus and West Nile virus diseases. And since the product is free of DEET and other harmful chemicals, it is perfect for babies, kids, expectant moms and the elderly. 
I love that it is a spray my whole family can safely use.
 U.S. Organic’s Anti BugSpray is one of the leading bug repellent brands on the market:
 Certified Organic by USDA
 Kid Safe
 DEET Free 
 Does not contain synthetic chemicals or alcohol
Made in the USA and not tested on animals
 Refreshing herbal scented fine mist spray that isn’t sticky 

​The indoor anti bug spray ​c
omes in 2 sizes, 4 fluid ounces and 2 fluid ounces (approved for airplane travel and carryon luggage)

U.S. Organic also offers a 4 fluid ounce indoor anti-bug spray that is perfect for pillows, blankets and more. The smooth and dry formula protects your skin while you sleep.

Give your family the protection that they not only want, but also need this summer!