Unashamed: Healing Our Brokenness and Finding Freedom from Shame by Heather Davis Nelson

Disclaimer:  I was given a review copy of this book for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own
Shame such a simple little word, but one that can carry so much weight.
What is your shame?  Your appearance, your regret, your anger, the way you talk, how smart you are?  Is is something from your past, a secret thought you tend to think?  Is your shame related to a sin you committed or one you allowed another to commit?

Let it go!

God forgave us, God acquitted us of all shame.  Shame is Satan's tool, Shame is how he gets his handy work done.
Be honest when has your shame altered who you behaved?  When have you let shame change the course of your life?  When have you let Satan derail you?

I know saying let it go is easier said then done.  It isn't something can be altered in a minute nor is it something that can be done alone.  We need each other and most of all we need God.
That is why I love the book Unashamed: Healing our Brokenness and Finding Freedom from Shame.
It drives this point home of solitude being the perfect place for shame to fester and grow.  It explains that we need to be part of a healing community for shame to really uproot itself from our lives.

By using gospel author Heather Davis Nelson shows us that we can exchange our shame for righteousness.  That we are not alone and that many other walk this same walk.  And that not only can we heal ourselves, but we may be the antidote to another's shame.  That we can help our fellow Christians!

Shame is everywhere. Whether it's related to relationships, body image, work difficulties, or a secret sin, we all experience shame at some point in our lives. While shame can manifest itself in different ways—fear, regret, and anger—it ultimately points us to our most fundamental need as human beings: redemption. Shame never disappears in solitude, and Heather Davis Nelson invites us to not only be healed of our own shame but also be a part of healing for others. She shines the life-giving light of the gospel on the things that leave us feeling worthless and rejected, giving us courage us to walk out of shame’s shadows and offering hope for our bondage to brokenness. Through the gospel, we discover the only real and lasting antidote to shame: exchanging our shame for the righteousness of Christ alongside others on this same journey.