Wendy Mignot Simply Stunning

Disclaimer:  I was giving products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.
I like fashion.  Sometimes my hubby thinks I have multi personalities when he goes into my closet.  I have business suits right next to my hippy dresses.  My neck high wool Church dress is right next to my renaissance dress.  And I have my vintage lace necklaces beside my slap bracelets.  I don't have a set style and most does I just go with however I am feeling.  My hubby knows not to make me made when I come out in my black turtle neck, tight bun and black slacks.  This normally means I am in a bad mood and I mean buisness (According to him, in truth it just means I am going somewhere I want to be taken seriously.  I have freckles, I am 5 foot 2 with a squeaky voice.  I tend to get the awww you are so cute look a lot!)

So yes it is safe to say you wont learn much about me when you walk into my closet.  It is just to random.
I can say though that during the summer I like to wear flowy, simple clothing.
I get hot very easily and I HATE the summer.  The last thing I want is stuff that sticks to me and takes a lot of work to get off and on.

So with simplicity in mind I agreed to review a pearl/leather necklace from Wendy Mignot.

Don't let my wording fool you though.  This jewelry may look simple enough, but the moment I placed it on my neck I could tell it was high end!
It is so light weight and smooth!  I couldn't get over the smoothness of the pearl.
Each peace is one of a kind since no two  pearls are alike.  It feels kind of special knowing I am wearing something that no one else has.  
The leather really gives it a trendy feel and really makes the pearl pop.

You can pick how long or short you want the length.  I choose to have it sit in the hallow of my neck.  You can make it long though wherever you want it to sit.
The necklace I reviewed is only one of many offered by Wendy Mignot.  They have both men and women products
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