Going from Stay at home mom to working mom

Disclaimer:  Some products in this post were given to me for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions mentioned are my own.
In 2006 I graduated high school, got a job, quit my job and got engaged.  By November 2007 I had my first baby and have been a stay at home mama for all those years.  In 2010 baby number 2 came along and just made our lives all the better.  Now Quinn is going to school and this mama decided to get a job.  One reason is I would like to be more financial secure and also I would be bored all day home alone with out my boys.  So after lets are crying and getting use to the idea of change I got a job.  Thankfully it is the same place my hubby works.  I went from being a stay at home mom to a working mom.
I wont lie the tradition was hard.  First off my kiddos had to get use to the idea of not having mom around all day.  And the go to my parents and my parent in-laws house during the day.  They do things a lot differently then I do.  It took my boys quite awhile to get use to that.  And we had an incident where one of my boy got hit as a punishment :(  This mama does not believe in hitting so that was a very rough situation  
My best advice for anyone making this change is you are going to hit bumps.  Be prepared to smooth somethings out and for lots of tears.  I cried, my boys cried and my pup is turning into a little terror!  He keeps ripping up pillows when I am gone.  Stay positive and get through it, change is tough on all parties!!!

Okay so now that family life is getting back to normal and we are getting use to these new roles I as a woman had to get use to my new role in life.  Working in an office!!  I moved the stuff on my desk 10 times and keep finding my way via trial and error.  One thing I found to be huge stress reliever is having the right tools at my desk!!   Nothing is worse then having then midday crunch and have your pens or stapler not work right!
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