What Time is it?!?!?! La Crosse Technology knows :)

Disclaimer:  I was given the products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review all opinions are my own.
Several years ago McDonalds or BK were giving out Spongebob watches.  I remember in the commercial some annoying kid yelled what time is in and then whipped out his watch like some soft of super hero.  I of courser was young and thought this was great and kept doing it to my dad.  Over and over again.....  Needless to say I finally got put on a time out for being a pain in the butt.
 That being said now as an adult I realize just how important time is.  And yes that sorry above has no real relevance to my post.  I just titled it this post WHAT TIME IS IT and it so reminded me of that Spongebob watch.

I need to be on time.  We have church events, work, sports and appointments almost every single day.  If I over sleep or don't plan right it throws off the whole day.  I need a clock I can count on and La Crosse Technology offers just that!

First off their products are top of the line and do so much more then just tell time.
Such as the Atomic Projection Alarm Clock with IN Temperature Moon Phase and USB Charging

This clock tells me the time, date, day of the week, moon phase and even the temperature.  Not only that but it also projects the time onto my ceiling or wall depending on how I have it tilted and I can charge my phone in the back using the ubs plug in!

Be honest how many of you are giving you old fashion alarm clock the stink eye right now!
Wait it gets better.  I can choose just how bright I want the front of the clock, I can have it high low or off.  Meaning the light never keeps me awake.  Also it comes in color so it isn't just dull boring numbers on the front.
 And since I can choose where to project the time I never have to roll over in the dead of night trying to find the front of my clock to see what time it is.  I can even rotate the time just in case I want it displayed at a certain angle.
And because of some cool technology.  That this simple lady is not going to try and explain I only need to set it once!  If ever I loose power there is a single that will reset it to the proper time.  And it will also set it self during daylight saving times.

Yes this clock/alarm really is this cool!  I truly don't think I can ever go back to my old outdated alarm clock after using this one for just a few days :)

ANd this is just one of the many items that they offer