Pretzel Crisps Holiday indulgent

Disclaimer:  I was given items in this post for promotional purposes.  I was not paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own

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Pretzels, chocolate and candy canes, can you think of a better holiday treat?  I can't, nor do I want too!!!

Pretzel Crisps offers all three of these things in a yummy package.  

Pretzel Crisps, has a line of Holiday Indulgents, featuring The DARK CHOCOLATE & PEPPERMINT is a decadent twist on the all-natural Original Pretzel Crisps ® , dipped in rich, velvety real dark chocolate and sprinkled with a delicate burst of refreshing peppermint candy pieces. The WHITE CHOCOLATE & PEPPERMINT flavor dips Original Pretzel Crisps ® in a rich, creamy white chocolate-flavored coating and is sprinkled with a subtle burst of peppermint candy pieces. One bite and you’ll Rethink Your Pretzel!

And trust me people as someone who is sitting here chowing down on the white chocolate ones as they type this post I can safely say they are so good!!!