Simply Earth Making my home smell amazing this holiday Season

Disclaimer:  I was given items in this post for promotional purposes.  I was not paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own

The Simply Me guide wants to help make Christmas shopping a bit easier this year.  So over the next few weeks I will be offering tips and gift ideas!  Keep checking back to see all the fun stuff that will be added

The 2016 Simply Me Blog Gift Guide

I know for a fact my home isn't not the only one to be blown away by the awesomeness that is essential oils!  Do you know for years I put some many harmful cleaners in my home and body!  That I couldn't pronounce 90% of the products I used in my home!

It is okay though because thanks to amazing companies like Simply Earth those harmful chemicals are a thing of the past
The mama is going natural and the Simply Earth Essential Oils Subscription box is making it easier then ever before!  They are 100%

So lets start with the basics I know there is a few unfortunate souls out-there that don't know what essential oils are.  They are natural oils taken from plants and bottled up for you and I to use.  You can uses the oils in diffusers (My favorite way) in the tub, in beauty products, candles and more.
And most of them besides smelling good have health benefits.  Peppermint is a great natural way to get rid of a headache.  Whenever I get a cold eucalyptus is the first thing I reach for.  Lavender helps you to relax and their are HUNDREDS more reasons/ways to use essential oils

For a long time now I have sworn by Simply Earth.  First off their products smells the best and the most pure.  Once in awhile I will use a different company and their stuff just smells off.  I had a tea tree oil smell like straight up pine sol before (Yeah I so regretted not getting the Simply Earth Tea tree.  I was so disappointed by this other company)
And I just found out I could enjoy them in a whole new way!  A monthly subscription box

What's in the box? 
 5 Essential Oils 
 Recipe Ingredients
 Recipe Containers
 5-7 Recipe Cards 

How does the subscription work?
 Free Shipping
 Delivered Periodically 
 Pause/Cancel Any Time

And from my understand each month is different!  This month I have the option to enjoy my box 3 different ways.  I can one just use the oils provided straight up
This month there is:
Fir Needle
I can drop any of these in any beauty product, oil diffuser or even in my tub water.

That isn't all though I was given recipes cards and empty bottles so I can mix up my own batches!  I can choose to use the recipes provided or even make my own!!

Last but def. not least was the wax, wicks and larger jars included inside.  Because yup you guessed right I can make all natural essential oil candles!!

5 great oils and endless ways to use them.  As I mentioned each month is different and the oils in this months box wont be the same as next.
And not only can you get yourself a box you can also do a gift box (In case any of my friends are reading this post I would be so opened to getting essential oils for a gift this Christmas)

Simply Earth just makes gift giving and getting fun!  And this doesn't just need to be a holiday thing I use my oils year round for all sorts of things.  You can sign up for their subscription box or you can even just buy the oils.  It is up to you, but as a long time essential oil user I can promise once you start you can't/dont want to stop