Give the Gift of comfort this holiday season

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review
I am a reader.  If I didn't have kiddos I could spend all day long curled up with a good book.... BOOKS
My own personaly libary has over 500 books and that isn't counting the ones I have in boxes at my dads house.  I just love to read.

My normal reading spot is my bed.  I stack up a bunch of pillows and just read away.  The bad thing about pillows is the move.  And they go flat and ever time I get up to go bathroom, answer the phone or even just to stretch my legs I have to readjust them.

It just isn't the ideal set up.  Thanks to the The Petite Superior Comfort Bed Lounger I never have to worry about all this hassle again!

It is like having your favorite chair set up in your bed!  It provides awesome back, neck and arm support!  Plus you can adjust the head piece to the perfect position.  When I read I like to have it in a high position.  When I watch tv I like it a bit lower to support more reclined position.  No matter what I am doing though I can find the perfect sweet spot.
No only that but it doesn't go flat like my pillows do, plus it doesn't move around!!  If I get out of bed I don't need to worry about it shifting and losing that perfect position.

There is little side area pockets to put stuff like book marks, remotes and other small stuff inside.  I didn't spill anything anything on mine yet, but the material is the same as my couch.  I know my couch is super easy to clean so this lounger will be too!  Plus everyone in the family can use it!  Thanks again to the adjustable head rest it becomes perfect for anyone and everyone!

This soft yet structured petite lounger offers superior back support, and its adjustable headrest automatically follows your head’s normal movements for increased neck support. Available exclusively from Hammacher Schlemmer in soft microsuede fabric, the lounger’s flexible plastic frame adjusts to accommodate your body’s contours and movements, ensuring optimal support and comfort in any position. It has an adjustable and detachable lumbar pillow, and the armrests pivot inward to help support body weight, reducing strain on the head, neck, and shoulders. Made in the U.S. Natural