Let me tell you about my Best Friend #woofyeah

Disclaimer:  I was given product in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.
I know I have hinted in the past that I am a dog person.  I normally don't let you know the full extent of it, but lets just put it this way.....  If my hubby and my Lokdawg were both hanging off a cliff and I only had enough time to save one......  Yeah hopefully my hubby would learn to fly lol
To far?  I am sorry, but my Loki is my heart.  Over the weekend I told my hubby Loki may just be my soul mate, at which point in time my hubby told me have the (badword) dog get you lunch then......
I was only teasing my hubby, but Loki really is my best bud.
That is why I only give him the best.  
And Pup-Peroni's new Filet Mignon & Bacon flavors dog treats are just that!!  The very best for my very best
As you can see Loki doesn't mind helping himself!  My best friend deserves only the best though :)

What about your best fried?  I would love to hear your story?

Speaking of my best friend let me tell you our story...
 I do have 3 dogs in my house.  My hubby has his beagle Emma, my kiddos have Rufus and I have Loki.  In 2014 my Lucy passed away and it broke me as a person.  I had to go on medication and for lack of words I will just repeat, her death broke me.  In October of 2015 my friend's dog had puppies.  I agreed to go look...  But that was all.  My family could see I was depressed and kept trying to have me get a puppy.  It felt like a betrayal to Lucy's memory.  It felt like I was saying good bye.

 What was suppose to be me looking turned into me going back each week to see how big they got.  And the little lab mix puppy with the white back toes stole my heart.
This is my sweet Loki at only 6 weeks old.  I wasn't able to take him home at this time, but I did get to see him every single Sunday.
Moment before this photo was taken Loki had crawled into my lap and gave me a kiss!  My little furry angel started to mend my broke heart that night

With a slightly broken heart I brought him home  in December and the tiny white toe puppy just kept stealing and healing my broken heart.
I started to laugh and smile again

A tiny part of me I thought died with my Lucy girl returned.  And this little white toe puppy gave me hope that it was going to be okay.  And when the one year anniversary of Lucy's death came December 23 I held my Loki and cried.  It broke my heart that this little puppy would never get to know Lucy.  And even though my little fury ball had no clue what I was talking about I told him all about Lucy.  

Life got better over the next few months.  And my Loki just blended right into our little family. 

He didn't stay little long though

And now he quite dominates our house!  You see as a puppy it was cute to let him sleep on my shoulder and cuddle with me in bed.  As an adult he is quite the pillow hog lol
This is him pushing my head off our couch pillow

This is him I must assume keeping my ears warm as I sleep

Again us sharing a pillow...  And blanket and I am pretty sure air.  I don't understand how we fall asleep at least 3 feet apart and yet I wake up each morning with him all but on top of me!!!

LOL he has no boundaries!!!

And yes I finally just gave up and left him have the big comfy bed pillow!!
He is my best friend after all.  After months of having my Loki with me I am no longer on anxiety medication.  And even though I will always miss my Lucy, Loki has really helped to heal my heart.  
His silliness makes me laugh

NO matter what it is we are doing he brings a sense of peace to my life.  So many other people demand stuff from me.  Constantly need me to do something for them.  Not my Loki though, all he wants is my time and love.  And he gives it back to 100X more

He brings joy to my heart and a smile to my face.  My best friend gets only the best, because he is the best.
The little white toe puppy stole my heart last October and has been keeping it safe all this time
(You can see his white toe on his back foot in this photo)

I know God sends angels to us to help us along in this life.  Your angles may have wings and halos, but mine has fur, a tail and little white toe