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Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen....  Anyone else catch on to what I am doing here?  Yes I am naming super heroes.  Better yet I am naming super heroes that wear costumes.  It must be nice to have time for a quick costume change...

Us mom on the other hand don't always get that!  We are the most underappreciated super heroins ever!! 
And most days that is what I feel like!  I get up in the morning at 5am get myself ready and then get boys up and ready.  From there I drive an hour to work and put in a 9 hour day :(  From work I rush home get dinner done, because we have to be a practice almost right away.  Then I come home do homework, talk with the boys about their day, get everyone into the shower.  During the shower I do a quick clean up.  Out them come, kicking and screaming about not wanting to go to bed.  From here I brush their teeth, read their bedtime book and answer 301 questions.
Once they are out I fuss with my pups and give them long awaited cuddles.
  It takes my last bit of energy to get a bath, blow dry my hair and brush my teeth.  I am just wiped by the time I get into bed.
There is no me time anywhere in there!  I don't have time to read anymore or even make a simple call to my loved ones.  And I def. don't have time for a costume change.  Their is no time to go from Peter Parker to Spider Man.
That is why I love the clothing from momzelle!
They get my over packed day.  They understand I need to go from working mama, dinner serving mama, to soccer mama and so on.
They just get it!
They not only make classy clothing that I can wear to work and look good, but clothing I can be comfortable in and also functional.

The latest top I was able to review from them is the JOSIANE

Chic, comfortable, stylish and practical, this nursing top has it all! Soft and silky to the touch, the fabric flows to offer unparalleled comfort while flattering the post partum figure. Easily dressed up with dress pants or a skirt, the discreet nursing panel makes breastfeeding at any occasion a breeze. Psst… this top is designed to be worn through all stages of pregnancy and nursing. Practical and economic!

Plus it is a top that really does grow with you!  You can wear it before pregnancy, during, after and heck even when your kiddos are all grown!  No matter what it looks and feels great and will be a closet favorite no matter what stage you are in!
TO learn more and see all the other great items they have please see my link below: