Bun Maternity

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review I was not paid to write this review.
Let me tell you about being mom.  This week is the perfect exsample.  Monday I had work, Monday night Quinn had soccer, Brandon needs extra help with math and everyone needed to be fed.  That was my Monday.  Office job, soccer mom, chef and then teacher
 Tuesday I had the day off I spent it cleaning, grocery shopping and then doing homework and we had a play date with a family friend.
Wenseday I had a Bible Study in the morning after boys went to school.  After school they had bowling (With the school), soccer practice, dinner, family Bible study at our church, homework and then bed.  Yup Wednesday is our hustle day.  
Thurseday I had work, the boys got home we ate dinner, did homework, got baths and then drove an hour away to see Disney on Ice!  The loved it, but it at this point had been a long week.  Mama was running on empty.
Friday I only had work and the only homework that needed to be done was reading and math vocab.  Saturday we had a soccer game, soccer end of season part, I had an eye doctor appointment and then we spent the rest of the night at Dutch Wonderland.  Again another LONG day.
Today which is Sunday we had Church, Christmas play practice, cleaning the house, a LuLaRoe party, dinner at my parents and finally just time to relax.  It is 930 and I am at last getting a chance ot just hop on the computer and do something for me.
Tomorrow though it gets stuck on repeat.  I wouldn't exchange being a mom for the world, but I have learned I need clothing that can keep up with our busy lives.  Something that looks good and feels good.  Something I can go right from work, to soccer, home and then to chuch in.  
This is why I adore shops like Bun Maternity!  They get what us mamas need.  They understand we want to look and feel good.  And most of all the understand that yes sometimes we need to be accessible and for anyone that is being thrown by this word I mean breastfeeding.  And you can wear the clothing during, after and even years later!!  It looks good no matter what stage you are in

I didn't get to do it with Brandon Jr :(  Early in my pregnancy we discovered some lumps, so I wasn't able to bond with him in that way.  I was with Quinn though, the lumps went away and have not been back since (Thank you God) now that my hubby and I are talking about baby number 3 I am so stalking Bun Maternity's page.
Their clothing soft, SUPER soft!  I like that it doesn't rub my skin, not only is this great for mom, but also for little one.  You don't want their skin against rough material.  
The clothing flows!  It doesn't squeeze my skin and make my post baby body stick up like a sore thumb.  I like that Bun Maternity understand that my body is different and they make their clothing accordingly.
And finally I just love the style.  Everything is made in the USA and it is chic/classy.  The know being a mama doesn't mean we lost our style!  We still want to look good :)
They offer tank tops, T-Shirts, Dresses, Ponchos and Hoodies.
I can't say enough great things about this shop. 

There is a style for all seasons!  And yes I mean both season as in Winter, Fall, Spring and summer and seasons in our lives.  Pregnant, new mama and us veteran mama. 

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