GhostBusters you've been booed #booitforward

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.
Remember those horrible chain letters.  Send this letter to 10 people or you and everyone you love will have something horrible happen.....  Yeah those were always fun to open lol
I have ignored each and everyone of those, only because what was the point?  You put in work and the only thing you get in return is not getting ran over by a train or whatever else the letter threaten?

Now now I am not a total party pooper.  Last year my sister decorated my yard with some pretty strange Christmas decor and left me a note saying 'you have been Chris Kringled pass it along. ' So I of course did it to my parents, who then did it to my uncle and so on.  Now that was fun we were always excited waiting to see who would get it next and it was kind of a thing for all of us to go see whoms yard got it lol 
Not that is my kind of chain passing on.  Something that is fun and the receiver enjoys getting.  
When I got an email to be part of the GhostBusters you've been boo'd 
I just knew i had to be part of it!  I mean come on who doesn't want a pail full of candy sitting on their porch with a cute little note!!  Heck I am hoping it comes back around to me lol

The tradition of "Booing your Neighbor" has been around for several years now and it has really grown in popularity as a fun, safe, family-oriented activity. It's also known as "Ghosting" or "Boo-gramming." It has been a hit with mommy bloggers and their families. They would put together a home decorated bag of treats including a note with instructions on how to "boo" and a poem and deliver it anonymously to their neighbor, friend or relative. The recipient would then have 48 hours to do it to their next door neighbor or friend which creates a chain throughout the neighborhood

And with today being the release day of the all new GhostBuster movie it would be the perfect time to start this tradition in your neighbor hood.


makes its long-awaited return with Director Paul Feig's unique and hilarious take on the classic, supernatural comedy, led by the freshest minds in comedy today, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth. Together they team-up to save Manhattan from a sudden invasion of spirits, spooks and slime that engulfs the city. 

So I so watched all the originals when I was younger and again with my boys just last year.  I thought for sure I wouldn't like the new one, but oh was I wrong!!  It was so funny and def a fresh take on an old favorite!!  It was so much fun seeing the GhostBusters in a whole new way