Giving Soaps, making the gift giving season even better!

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review,  All opinions are my own
My boys both have November birthdays.  And we have started a tradition with my oldest turned 1.

You see I have a HUGE family and it is nothing for my kiddos to get 50+ gifts at their parties.  We sometimes have double, and some times have gift that we just know they aren't going to play with.  The best part about a November birthday is it is right before Christmas and those toys for tots bins are at our local post office!  At first my boys would fight me, how dare I get rid of some of their new unopened toys!  After awhile though I got through to them just what we were doing.  And that some little boy or girl who wasn't going to have Christmas now would because of us.  I in no way want them to think that gift getting is the best part of Christmas I just want them to understand that giving to others in the greatest way we can celebrate the holidays.
Because lets admit it the gift Jesus gave to us in one none of us could afford, yet it was given with no strings attached and purely out of love

So why all this talk about giving?  I found an amazing company that shares my same thoughts.  A company that wants to give back as much or more then it gets

20% of their profits go directly to charity. And they are pretty picky about the charity they want to give to companies that give at least 90% of their total proceeds to their causes.  They give to charities whom are making the most difference.

And this is just want attracted me to the company.  I can feel good shopping there because I know my money is going much further then just buying myself some goodies.

Speak of goodies wait until you see all the great items they offer
shaving soaps

And just wait because that isn't even the best part.  They offer all this in out of this world scents.  I am not sure how many of you ever smelled Oatmeal Milk and Honey together but once you do you will never go back to your old soap.  It has a very subtle entrancing scent with just a dash of something sweet!
It make my skin feel super smooth.  Two of the things used in this soap is honey and coconut oil 

I am not sure of how many of you know this both there is so many health benefits to both of those products.  So not only do they  make my skin feel and look good this soap also makes it health and gives it a great healthy shine.

And yup that is only one of the scents offered.  Their is lemon grass, black currant vanilla, cinnamon almond, lavender, coffee and so much more! 

Everyone is sure to find something they love.  And after you purchase you can feel good knowing that you are making a small difference in this world.
This holiday season you can give a gift twice when purchasing your gifts from Giving Soaps!
Giving Soaps