Guilt Free Snacking Newman's Own Organic Style

Newman’s Own Organics products

Am I the only mom raiding her kiddos trick or treat bag at the end of the night??  God I hope not I attack those bag's like a starving person whom has not eating in days.  And with each bite I start to hate myself a little more!  
Lets admit it Halloween Candy is the perfect time to really be unhealthy and undo all the hard work you put into eating and being healthy.
  No matter how many times I promise myself to never do it again and to eat healthier, I always do it!  And I am left feeling bloated and sick.
This year I made myself the same promise and thanks to Newman's Own Organics I am going to stick to it!
They offer healthy choices that you can eat without feeling the guilt.

Newman’s Own Organics is the organic division of Newman’s Own, Inc. All its products meet the requirements of the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP).

And no just because you go organic doesn't mean you have to give up choices!!  I was sent a HUGE selection of their products and it is only a small offering of all they have.
They have pretzels, cookies, candy, popcorn, and even peppermints.
And the choices don't stop there you get a variety of flavors and size.
I could make an entire post about what they have to offer, but I think I will stick to the items I was sent :)

First lets talk about the pretzels, I was given 3 kinds.
High Protein Pretzels
Salted Pretzel Sticks 
Spelt Pretzels

I swear to you I can't tell the taste difference between organic and the ones I normally buy!  Newman's Own Organics pretzels have that great crunchy sourdough taste, without all the guilt.
And you can never just eat one or two.  I keep going back for more.  These are a great snack for lunch boxes, holiday parties or even just a movie night snack. 

Next I was able to try four kinds of cookies.
The Newman-O's in both creme filled chocolate and in Creme Filled mint chocolate.

They remind me of oreos, but better since they are healthier for you!  I love dipping these in both milk and hot chocolate.
These are my boys new favorite after school treat.  And Quinn even said he can't wait to put them out for Santa.

  I wasn't kidding when I told you they have everything you could possible need!  My hubby quit smoking a few years ago and now relies heavily on peppermints.  I had him try these and he loved them.  He claimed the peppermint was really rich and left his breath smelling fresh :)


They have Strawberry, sour apple, black, sour cherry and that is just a few!
My kids LOVE them and it got to the point I had to take them away so they wouldn't eat them all in one sitting.  Don't tell them, but I so snitched a sour cherry twist!
The flavor was so good and the sourness wasn't overwhelming.  My mouth only puckered a little bit :)

And yes I promised some good Halloween candy alternatives and here they are:

They offer both peanut butter cups and chocolate bars!!  And the flavors you see above are only 2 of the many choices!!!  And they are all organic.  Newman's Own Organic makes eating healthy easy with their yummy food choices and all the flavors.

Want to get rid of snacking guilt?  Check out all the other items offered by