#LoveHallmark Giving me back a small part of my childhood

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review I was not paid to write this review
I am so that person that goes into Hallmark for one thing and comes out with 4 bags....  And forgot the one thing I went in for so need to go back the next day :)
There is just to much awesomeness going on in a Hallmark to only truly get one item.  Over the weekend my hubby and I went in to look at some of the Christmas stuff they had out.  We were very quickly led astray by the fun cards, which turned into looking at women's clothing, home decor, back to the Christmas items and then one last stop at the women's clothing.

And I just found out they are offering a whole new line of products!  Well they may not be new, but they are new to me at least.  This is the first time I seen them
I would love to introduce you to them as well!Crafters & Co. Tabletop Wax Warmer and Wax Melts

·         This Tabletop Wax Warmer is a wonderful and convenient way to experience fragrance – no matter the season. Just plug it in and add a few wax melt cubes. The wax is gently melted using a low wattage bulb. 

I don't know about you, but I just love the unique look of this warmer!  And it is just one of the many you can choose from.  The simple look makes it the perfect addition to any room in my house 
Crafters & Co. 16 oz. “Celebrate Fall” Jar Candle

·         This 16 oz. Jar Candle will help you and yours celebrate fall with the enticing aroma of a buttery pastry topped with ripe, freshly sliced apples, sweet brown sugar, cinnamon and rich caramel.
·         Available in a 4 oz. or 16 oz. sizes.

I love the scents being offered in the wax and jars.   For me these are the scents of Fall.  As a little girl one of my favorite things was to build a huge leaf pile with my brother and sister.  We would work on this pile all day long sometimes and it would always be at the bottom of our slide.  After a long day of work we would climb the slide and go crashing down into our pile!  We would do this over and over again until the leaves look about as messy as they were when we started!  Afterwards we would go inside to the smell of my mom baking us something yummy.   We would ask for hot chocolate and giggle as we pulled leaves out of each others hair.   That is what these waxes and jars remind me of!  Fall of many years ago when things were simple and beautiful!  These scents give me back a small part of my childhood when I lit them
Crafters & Co. BOGO offer!
·         What: A buy one, get one offer on Crafters & Co. jar Candles and wax melts
When October 14th - October 23
Where: Participating Hallmark Gold Crown stores nationwide