Sullivan Entertainment

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review  ALl opinions are my own.
As a little girl I couldn't wait to get home finish my homework and watch Tv with my mom.  I know most likely not the most healthiest parenting style.... But hey I am 29 with two amazing little boys, a job, a house and great marriage and a pretty awesome life.  Watch all that TV didn't ruin me ;)

Okay enough about that back to the TV shows we use to watch.  Now there was many but several were at the top of the list:
Little House of the Prairie
The Waltons
I love Lucy
Anne of Green Gabels
All in the Family
I dream of Jeannie

I most likely seen every single episode of those shows at least twice!  Some even 10 times (I am a personal fan of the Little House of the Prairie episode with Laura rolls Nellie into the lake :)!!!!)
These shows were my favorite as a kid growing up.  And watching them with my mom is one of the few good memories I have of her growing up

My mom still watches those same shows and if I seen every episode twice she had to see them each at least 20times!  That is why I am super excited about her Christmas gift this year.  You see my mom is a bit obsessed if you have not caught on.  Sadly she has to wait for reruns to come on tv and watch them from her DVD collections she doesn't have them all.
That is why when I found Sullivan Entertainment I just knew I had to get her gift from them
Not only do they offered the DVD's from some of her favorite shows, they also have merchandise!!   Clothing, dolls, perfume, posters, cards and so much more.  Everything a true fan would love
When I was told to pick one thing from the site for review I had a pretty tough time choosing.  I wanted to get myself something from the Downton Abbey collection.  It took a lot for me not to be selfish and get something for my mom instead.
So I choose

This set includes a lovely 12" Anne of Green Gables porcelain Doll, wearing the iconic Puffed Sleeved Dress and the three part 20th Anniversary Anne of Green Gables DVD set.Filmed amidst the spectacular scenery of Prince Edward Island, these Emmy Award-winning productions span two decades, from Anne's struggles as an orphan in a small maritime community, to her triumphs as a young teacher, to her search for her husband on the battlefields of Europe. A delicate, moving epic full of wit, style and emotional power.

Now not only will my mom own some of the DVD's she will have her very own Anne of Green Gables Doll!  The Doll is beautiful and stunning in its details!  I cannot wait to see my mom's face Christmas morning when she opens this package.

This is just one of the items offered from the Anne of Green Gables collection.  And the Anne of Green Gables collections is only one of the many offered on the site.  As I said they have Downton Abbey, Little Women, Jane Austen and so much more!  To see all they have to offer please check out my link below: