BestChoiceproducts Best Choice Products Wooden Outback Cabin Dog House Pet Shelter

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.
All my pups are indoor pups.  To me they are family and I would never think of letting them live outside.  Sometimes though they do need to be outdoors.  To go bathroom, to play, when I mop the floors or in the summer sometimes they just lay on the porch with me.  It is never a long period of time, but this year I am having Thanksgiving at my house and even though I am super excited to have my family and friends over I know I need to put my pups outside when everyone eats.  They tend to beg for food and when begging doesn't work they just take it.
I am a fatty so having some food stolen from my hand never bothered me, but not everyone loves my pups and I can see it causing some issues.
Now I already have 2 dog houses outside, for the most part my dogs just like to run around them or sit on top of them as they play.  Loki is an instigator and will jump on-top of the house after he made on of my other pups mad.  The thing about the two house I have now is they are big and my little Emma who is older gets tired of Rufus and Loki's constant play.  Which is why I have been looking for a house just for her.
So on days like Thanksgiving when they need to spend more time outdoors then I like, she will have a place to curl up without having to worry about the other 2 getting on her nerves
That is why I got her the

As you can see it is made for a smaller dog, the opening is small and the inside doesn't have much room.  Which is perfect on cold days it will be really cozy for Emma.  I like that it is up off the ground, this way I don't need to worry about water running into the house when it is raining.  Also I like that the roof lifts up on hinges.  
Even though the house is for Emma I have a feeling Loki is going to attempt to get in. So once he is stuck I have an easy way to get him back out!   This is also nice if I need to clean it out or put some type of bedding inside.
It was easy to put together, it did take two of us, but only because my hubby needed me to hold stuff up for him when he put the screws into place.  Everything is predrilled so it took the guess work out of where the screws go
The material is top quality and I can see this house lasting my pups a very long time.
The roof is made with real asphalt so it will stand up against the elements.