Holiday Specs

Disclaimer: I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review 

Christmas is magic.  We all know that, we all know that special feeling you get inside around the holidays.  That warm feeling when you know that you are going to get to spend extra time with your family.  
For me it stopped being about the gifts a long time ago and instead started to be about putting that look of awe on my kiddos face.  For a small period of time each year, the holiday magic and joy is everywhere!! 
Christmas is magic no matter what age you are.  

Last year we purchased Holiday Specs and the magic got even more real in the Miller household!

The "characters" aren't visible to the naked eye, only when you look at lights can you see them.  

Holiday Specs glasses have holographic lenses that are perfect for viewing all Christmas lights. 
Thanks to this special holographic lenses all you have to do is look at holiday lights (With your glasses of course) and tada you will see a fun image!  It can be snowmen, reindeer, Santa, snowflakes and even gingerbread men.  There are more, but these are the ones we were able to try.
It is so much fun seeing Christmas lights become 3D into hallmark Christmas icons.
The 3D Christmas Glasses are perfect for adults and children that love to have fun and can be given away at parties as party favors. If you want to bring a smile to the face of friends and family, give them a pair of  3D glasses and share the fun! 

And this year we were sent several paper Specs.  I love these because they can be handed out at holiday parties
I normally spend cookies to my boys school holiday parties.  I think I may do something really unique and send in these Holiday Specs for the kids to enjoy! 
I have a feeling these Specs are going to be a holiday tradition my family keeps for the years to come!  I pulled ours out for last year last night, and the smile it put on my boys face was truly magical!