Fuzzy Flyers a cute Gift for little ones

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of promoting.  I was not paid to write this post
Put down your screens and let Fuzzy Flyers provide the entertainment with hilarious phrases, challenging games, and social interaction!
Lets face it parents we live in a world of technology.  Now technology has millions of pros, but it also comes with several cons.  I know as a mom or two tech loving little boys it can be tough to get them to put down their games sometimes and do something physical.  Thankfully their social skills have not yet suffered, but I do know when friends come over they always just try to plop down in front of a TV to play a game.
I wish playing outside was their first choice, sadly I feel like I am always forcing them to go outdoors.

Over the years I have learned that having fun outdoor stuff is always a plus to get them more willingly to go outside.  We have a trampoline, a swim set, club house, bikes and so much more!  And we just added a Fuzzy Flyer.....
What is a Fuzzy Flyer you may ask!?
Well it is Smart reactions to your actions... Intelligent sensors inside the lovable characters recognize movement, and the toys respond with silly sayings!
Right now there is Coco the dog and Chirpie the bird!  Each with their own games

Dance Party • Do the Coco dance! Keep the song playing by doing the right dance moves as Coco barks them out. See if you can keep up in fast mode. Coco's Games
 Bark Attack • Roll Coco into a room with your target. When it stops moving, Coco spews loud, annoying barks until it's picked up!

Egg Toss • Throw Chirpie to your teammate and catch it softly so you don't "break its egg". Every time you catch Chirpie without it breaking, take a step back.  
 Sky Bird • Keep Chirpie in the air to cool it down. If Chirpie gets "too hot", you lose. Careful, it will "heat up" quickly in your hands. Pass levels of increasing difficultly, and go for the high score!

NO matter which Fuzzy Flyer you are playing with you are sure to have lots of fun.  Not to mention it gets little ones up and moving!
Fuzzy Flyers