Give her the gift of beauty with Simply Chickie!

I was given products in this post for the purpose of promoting.  I was not paid to write this post.
I love clothing!  I have several racks in my room and they are all complete filled.  That isn't counting my dresser and season bins I have filled around the room.  I just love dressing to impress and truthfully clothing does bring me joy!
So it should come as no surprise that when I find a new clothing store I get a bit excited!  And Simply Chickie just happens to be my new obsession.  How could they not be with their organic adult and baby clothing.
So just a little back story the creator of this wonder clothing line is a cancer survivor.  I mention this because that was the driving force in her clothing line.  She started to pay attention to not only what she put in her body, but also what she put on it.
Mostly though she wanted to make clothing she could feel good letting her little girl wear!  As a mom I can so get behind that!  I want to know the material touching my little ones skin is safe.

So how does one go about making organic clothing, you may ask.
Organic farming is a farming system that relies on natural inputs only. No synthetically produced pesticides or fertilizers are used. Beneficial insects are allowed to flourish to keep pest insects in check. Crop rotations with legumes help maintain fertility and soil microbiology. Weeds are controlled with precision tillage and the old fashioned hoe. The successful organic farm requires much more intensive and innovative management.

And the clothing is so cute!  When I was on the site I had such a hard time picking something!!  For adults there is tees, tanks, sweaters and even a dress.
For little ones there is onsies, rompers and a sweet little sweater.

I personally choose to review the long sleeve shirt! 
So you can see it is cute.  Now let me tell you how it feels.  I have this long sleeve shirt in my closet that I have had for years.  It is my favorite because it is worn in and is so soft.  This brand new shirt feels the same way!!  Do you know how many years it took me to get that worn in feeling?  And here is this shirt that arrives with that out of this world comfort.
So yup I am sure you know it moved right up to the front of the closet :)
This though is only one of the items offered on the site.

To see all they have to offer please check out my link below:
Simply Chickie Clothing