Holiday gifts for the pups Wash'n Zip Pet Bed

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
I love my job, but I hate having to leave my pets at home during the day.  Thankfully I have an awesome brother who takes care of them during the day :).  The still do spend sometime though in the hall (I have two baby gates up to keep them in the hallway during the day)  Even though the area is large and has all their toys, food and bedding I feel bad.  So this holiday I am getting them a bad new top of the line bed!  So those hours when mom is at work they can still be comfy, cozy and happy 

Never heard of a Wash'n Zip Pet bed before?
Well in case you didn't see the title the bed is washable!  You can completely unzip it and wash ever part of the bed!  I have 3 stinky pups so this is a huge plus for me.
They come in several sizes.

 Meaning you can get whichever size is perfect for your fur babies. I love that I can unzip it almost all the way! 3 sides open, making it possible to open up and cover a large area such as a car seat or even on the couch. 
The stitching is genius keeping all the stuffing in place so even after being washed it isn't lumpy.  The material is so soft and very cozy for my pups

TO learn more and see all the colors they offer check out my link below: