Last minute holiday gift for the young gamer in your life

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review
As you finish up your holiday shopping and realize you need just one more super special gift I hope you will check out my guide!!
I listed several items for everyone in the family and now I am super excited to list something for the little gamer in your family!
My boys are 6 and 9 and even though their dad lets them play those overly graphic games I like to stick to the more kid friendly games.  Sonic, Super Mario, Bomber Man, Disney Infinety ect
So it should come as no surprise I adore the 2 new games being offered by Nighthawk

Tumblestone (PS4, Wii U) Nighthawk’s Runbow Deluxe (Wii U)

First lets talk about Tumblestone

Competitive multiplayer: Tumblestone' s intense puzzle-solving action will turn playing "just a few more rounds" with friends into a late-night Tumble stone marathon
Local multiplayer: Up to four players on a single console
Online multiplayer: Play online against your friends or make new ones using Tumble stone' s ranked matchmaking system
Story mode: The 40+ hour story campaign will test your puzzle-solving prowess. Featuring 10+ game play modifiers, challenge puzzles, and boss battles

Arcade modes: Kick back and relax with the casual Marathon mode, scratch an intellectual itch with the Infinipuzzle mode, or get your blood pumping with the fast-paced Heartbeat mode

What Do I love?
I love that it is multi player.  My kiddos and I always have game challenges and even though it is fun to hand off the controller and try to beat each others high school I personally think it is better when you all play at once head to head.  So Tumblestone got a huge thumbs up from me for being multi player.  I also like the different levels and all the different ways to play.  I do like the multi player, but it is also nice that it can be played alone as well too.
I am a fan of puzzle/strategy games.  I don't want to brag but I am the undefeated champ at Risk in my family!  Tumblestone may not be as hard as risk, but it is def. a game that takes a little bit of strategy and planning
This game got 2 thumbs up for everyone in my house! 

Next up for the gamers in  your life is Runbow Deluxe

The Runbow Deluxe Edition includes the critically acclaimed Wii U party game with all the DLC. New DLC includes new levels, costumes/ characters, game modes and more! Runbow is a fast, frantic game for 1-9 players that will keep you running back for more. The world changes with each swipe of the background, so you'll have to stay on your toes as platforms and obstacles disappear. If you can't see something, it doesn't exist. Play with up to 9 friends locally or online. With hundreds of levels, dozens of costumes, and more indie guest characters than you can handle, you better get ready to Runbow!

So this game is a bit easier to play.  I personally like the TumbleStone Game better, but my little guys seems to like this one.  It has just enough violence to keep them interested!  I do think this is played better with 2 people, going solo can be a bit boring at times.
My youngest is 6 and sometimes me or his brother had to help him.  For the most part he was able to manage on his own (He never wins, but he does hold his own for a bit)
You can have up to 9 players and I think the more the better!!

Both games are a lot of fun and really have that vintage game feeling.  If you are out doing any last minute shopping you should check them both out!