Finding God's Blessings in Brokenness How Pain Reveals His Deepest Love By Charles Stanley

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Is it possible to be broken and blessed at the same time?
Life brings so many hardships, from failed marriages to lost jobs, from health crises to broken relationships. How can we stay strong in our faith in spite of these obstacles? Trusted pastor and bestselling author Dr. Charles F. Stanley answers these questions and more in Finding God’s Blessings in Brokenness. “Affliction acts as spiritual fertilizer on a believer’s faith,” he says, and can enrich our hearts and spirit.
Perhaps you’ve already experienced circumstances so shattering that you may wonder if it’s even possible to pick up the pieces. And maybe you can’t. But God can—and the good news is He wants to reassemble the shards of your life into a wholeness that comes only from Him.

I tend to wake up in a slightly grumpy mood.  I have sleep insomnia and after a restless night that 5:30am alarm is just a bit much.  Add to that I have 50 minutes to get myself, two small boys and 3 pups all taken care of before I need to be out the door and on my way to work, yeah you have a very grumpy/over whelmed mama.

Each morning after I take my pups out I come in pour myself a glass or Orange Juice and read a little bit of my devotionals.  The reason is, it sets me straight.  It soothes my soul to dive into God's word.  It resets me and 99.9% of the time just puts in me a much better mood.
Such was the case with this book 'Finding God's Blessing in Brokenness' not only do the words bring peace, but each photo is awe inspiring!   Some days I could just open the book and stare at the photo which show case the glory of God.
Though the book is small the message is big, and it is the perfect pick me up for those mornings when I wake up feeling BLAH!

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