Momzelle perfect for any occasion

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.
When I was 19 I found out my fiance and I were going to have a baby.  I was trilled, I was a pretty mature 19 year old and already had a wedding date picked out and we were in the process of fixing up our fixer upper.  
Let me tell you what 19 year old, naive, me envisioned;
Play dates were I made one of a kind snacks for all the kiddos
An awesome kids room with a slide and club house
Matching mommy and me outfits
Deep intellectual talks where I told my kids about life
The soccer van being a pristine vessels of transportation 
Baking cookies together
Reading books together
And well just watch an episode of the Brady Bunch and you will get what I had in mind.

Fast forward 10 years and realty set in.  I am lucky if I have crackers to set out when their friends come over.  Their room looks like several bombs went off and left nothing but mayhem in their wake.  Matching outfits!!!  I am lucky if we all have clean outfits.  And talks, well if you can considered me telling them the same thing 10 times and 10 times being ignored intellectual talks, then yeah sure we have plenty of those.
My car is a desperate need of detailing, right now we have a chocolate stain, a bbq stain, mud and what can only be called substance X smeared on the seat.  Now that I think of it substance X is on my couch, my clothing, my carpets and strangely enough has even showed up on my dog!  Substance X needs to defeated!
The only cookies in this house are oreo.  And I have to give myself props on the book reading, we are a house of readers so I guess scoring 1 out of 7 isn't to bad.... Right?

You know though I wouldn't trade my little life for anything.  The Miller household is nothing sort of chaos and mayhem, but it is my chaos and mayhem!

With all the above going on non-stop I need a wardrobe that works with me.  Lets face it the days of high heals and pencil skirts are long gone.  I still want to look nice though and save my "sweats" for the really rough days.  My poor boss has now identified my Sights and Sounds Samson sweatshirt as the "She had a rough morning" shirt!  
That is why I love shops like Momzelle!  They get it, the understand that yes I am mom and normally I am barley arriving to appointments on time and iron my clothing is a luxury saved only for very special days.  They get I don't have time to changed in-between work and soccer practice.  They get me........  They get moms.  Which is why Momzelle has created the perfect mom-in-action wardrobe.

Momzelle collections are feminine, stylish and stunning.  And comfortable, because lets face it people after getting up at 5:30am putting in a long days work and only getting back home at 5pm the last thing I want is something that pokes, rubs and itches.  Thank you Momzelle for getting it. I want to be comfortable, but at the end of the day I am a woman.  And when my hubby is staring at me I want it to be because I look feminine, not because substance X has made yet again another appearance! 
And they are always updating their lines!  I was just sent the Christine top
(photo provided via Momzelle website)
All moms that try this nursing top love it. With it’s flattering v-neck, long silhouette and super convenient nursing opening, this is a must have nursing wardrobe staple.