Thank You, God, for Grandpa

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review
My boys ADORE my dad.  To them he is Batman, Superman and Cyborg all mixed into to one.  With a dash of Thor and a whole lot of the Hulk.  
My dad is their hero.  And even though sometimes I get a bit jealous that they think he is cooler than me, I have to admit I couldn't of hand picked a better hero for them.

And my dad became my hero the day he told my boys that Jesus was his hero.  I felt real pride as my boys nodded their heads and   agreed that Jesus was their hero as well.  My dad may never know this, but my boys look up to him so much.  And in a world that seems to be pushing God out, in a generation where kids think God isn't cool, my dad made the choice easy for my boys. Because if PopPop loves Jesus he must be cool! 

When we saw the book Thank You, God, for Grandpa my boys DEMANDED we get it for my dad!

Thank You, God, for Grandpas,For Pops and Papas too,For Granddads, Gramps, and Grandpappies— They’re great, grand gifts from You! No matter what you call him, there is nothing like the love between a grandpa and his grandchild! With whimsical rhymes and charming illustrations, Thank You, God, for Grandpa encourages little ones to treasure God’s special gift of grandfathers. Grandpas and their grandchildren alike will love this heartwarming story that celebrates their sweet relationship. Amy Parker’s children’s books have sold more than 800,000 copies, including two Christian Retailing’s Best award-winning books and the bestselling A Night Night Prayer. She lives outside Nashville with her husband and two children.

The book is very short, but so sweet!  There is so much loved packed into the pages and the cute pictures had my boys entranced.  The pages are colorful and beautifully done.  It is a super easy read, my 6 year old  reads it and only needs a little bit of help from me.  It is a board book so it was easy for their little hands to hold and keep open.  And it really does showcase the greatness that is Grandpa's!  Playing catch, telling stories, icecream, learning about Jesus and so much more!
My boys can't wait to take it to my dads house and read it with him
To learn more or purchase your own copy see my link below:
Thank you, God, For Grandpa