Cate & Chloe VIP box

disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  i was not paid to write this review
Recently I was contacted to write a review for the Cate & Chloe VIP box.  I really wanted to be impressed by this company, sadly though I was let down
First let me tell you about them
 It is as simple as 1 2 3 First you sign up next a stylist puts together you box finally it is delivered right to your door! 

Sounds simple enough right?  Well let me tell you why I was let down
I took a style quiz, thinking oh wow this box is going to be personalized for me! 
Wrong one of the questions was do you wear earrings.  I answered no... My box had earrings.  Okay no big deal.  Another question asked my ring size....  My ring is WAY to small!  My sister is a size 6 and the ring got stuck on her finger.

This was 2 of the 4 items in my box.  I was also given some sort of hair product.  It was nice, but not jewelry???

Finally I was given a leather choker.  It is cute, but I am 30 I no longer wear chokers.

So I was very let down by the Cate & Chloe VIP box and cannot in good faith direct my readers to their site