Friday, May 4, 2018

Dog Days of Summer

Disclaimer:  I was given the products in this post for the purpose of review.  Iwas not paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Summer is almost here and with it comes vacations.  I love taking my boys fishing my pup always tags along.  I also love taking them to the zoo, amusement parks and so many other places.  Places my pup cannot go!  Sadly he has to stay home and I just know it breaks his little heart.  That is why I try to make my house as fun as possible for him in my absence.  I don't know about your furry buddy, but a few treats, toys and a nice bed is all it takes to make my little (well okay he is pretty big) guy happy

One of our favorite brands is Hear Doggy!  An awesome line of toys that they can hear, but I can't!  They have a huge assortment that come in all sizes, so you are sure to find something your pup will love

Oh but playtime isn't done yet.  GODOG Retrieval has just the thing for my pup and I to bond when I get home!

The goDog® Sonic Stick™ is a unique “stick” with lights and fun sound for interactive play! The light makes the stick easier for your dog to track day or night! The Sonic Stick is made from a soft and durable material that is safe for teeth and gums. One size for all breeds and weights. Available in bright yellow, a color that is easy for you and your dog to see! 

Not only does goDog offer fun fetch sonic sticks, they also have the cutest plush toys ever!

Okay people don't just my boy is only 2 so he needs lots of play time.  And that is fine with so many great toy choices out there I can keep him busy.
TrustyPup is an all new brand to us, but so far we are loving it!  Chew Guard Technology adds a tough and durable lining to soft plush toys. The lining is combined with reinforced seams to create toys that stand up to rough play. Dogs are tough but Chew Guard Technology is tougher

Well after a long round of playing my pups need a place to crash.  And that perfect place is The Supreme Soother Pet beds

With gel beads that cool and comfort, this premium bolstered bed is made of a unique mix of reclaimed memory foam to relieve achy joints. Available in two sizes Med. and Large
My Emma is old so any kind of comfortable I can give her is perfect!  She lived a good life, now she just wants to relax (Sounds like me most days lol)

Now I feel I need to make a full disclosure here.  I am about to tell you about 2 cat items.  I do not have any cats.  I have 2 handsome pet rats.  Before you say eww let me take a moment to be the rat advocate that I am.  My boys are the sweetest little guys ever!  They spend most of their time trying to get me hold them or pet them.  They spend most of their time grooming themselves.  So forget any "dirty" myths you have heard about them.  They do tricks for treats and I have even litter trained my boys
My blackhooded rat's name is BooBear or just Boo for short.  BooBear is such a sweet little boy.  He likes to explore and be naughty!  He takes my pups toys just so they will chase him! 

And my white albino rat is named Peanut or PEEWEE is his nick name.

Peanut was a feeder rat, meaning he was going to be used as live snake food.  Peanut was kept in a super small pen with 30 other rats.  He had very little food and water and his skin stank horribly  of urine  and was in bad condition.  He had bit marks on him and because he was kept in a glass cage with very little ventilation he developed a respitory infection.  You can see in the photo above where my pup is watching him that Peanut came very close to dying.   For the first few weeks I had to hand feed him and use towels and heating pads to keep him alive.  My vet gave me medication for him but those few weeks were very painful for him.  But my little Peanut has the heart of a survivor and never gave up.  He is better now, but seeing him that way broke my heart.   Every morning when I hug him before I go to work I think about what his fate may have been.  Every time I see him run around and play it is hard to remember that at one point in time it took all he had just to lift his little head.  Peanut is the sweetest most loving little guy.  I take him into the bathroom with me when I get a bath and just like a cat he uses the stool to hop up on the edge of the tub to hang out with me.  The little stinker even knocks bottle along the edge into the tub because he likes the splash they make.  I have little cat balls to roll for him and he runs after them and gets so excited when he catches them (he is partially blind so him catching a ball is a pretty big feat!!)  When he is scared he hides his little head  and clings on to me.  My Peanut had a very rough start to life and was treated the way a person would treat a bag of dog food.  Both my rats have HUGE personalities and spend most of their day trying to give and get love.  And I know this post is suppose to be a review post and I do want to say sorry for getting off topic, but "live feeding" is inhumane and I think as animal lovers we all need to speak up.  My PEEWEE and no other rat deserves it.

I do most of their shopping in the cat section at the store.  Rodent toys are to small for my little guys and small cat toys seems to be more their style.  The Petlinks Lemur Lights toy is just perfect for them!  Not only does his head light up, but his belly crinkles and he has a long string tail they like to chase!  And the Eco-friendly poly fill is made with recycled plastic giving me peace of mind.  Just in case one of my boys would rip it open I don't nee to worry about harmful material. 
Last but not least I was able to review the Smart Kat Happy Hammock!  My boys sure do love sleep and hammocks are their favorite place to do so. 

Summer is almost here, remember your pets as you are out and about having fun!  Make sure they have something to keep them busy and happy at home!

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