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Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review  I was not paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

On rainy days one of my little guys favorite things to do is get out our photo bins and look at old photos.  Each photo tells a story.  When we go through them we giggle at the funny times we had, feel sad over those we have lost over the years, feel happy when we are reminded of something we forgot and even get excited when an old photo brings back the same feeling we had in the moment that photo captured.  It is just something I love doing with my boys.  Something that sadly was not part of my childhood.  Now as I said this is one of our rainy day rituals, another ritual in my house is when my boys are sick I set them up on the little couch (to contain germs to one area) I get them all their favorite dvd's, water, tissues or anything else their sickness may call for and I also get them the softest blanket I can find.  
Even though that soft blanket is just a small jester of my love I can tell it means a lot to my boys.  When ever one of them feels sick they even request the "sick" blanket.  
One day by accident I stumbled across Collage.com they are a company that takes your photos and helps you to display them in a whole new way!!  No longer will photos sit in photo boxes or albums.  Now you can turn them into cups, place-mats, pillows and you guessed it even blankets!
I mean what could be better then a soft blanket when you aren't feeling good?  Well how about a soft blanket with a cherished memory woven into its very fibers!
 The best part about their site is you are free to make your project how ever you want.
Want to add one photo?  Great, what to add 30 photos?  Have at it!  The choice is yours.

I personally choose to review 2 photo blankets.  The Plush Sherpa, Collage.com's coziest blanket, made out of an extra-thick sherpa arctic fleece Your design in sharp detail on one side; cream-colored sherpa fleece on the other Machine washable; satisfaction guaranteed
One was for Brandon Jr, he is growing up on me so fast.  But no matter how big he gets when he is feeling sick or even just sad, he comes to me.  He is still at the age where a hug from mom can cure a lot.  I wanted to get him a blanket that reminded him of one of our funnest times together.  And that was the first time we went on a train ride with Santa!  I can still remember that day!  We stood in line and took several photos in front of the train.  Once we got aboard the train was all decked out for Christmas time!  A man came around and handed out candy and other treats for the kiddos and then it happened!  Santa and Mrs Claus walked through the train door to our car!  Brandon JR was so excited he kept looking at me as if he couldn't believe he was this close to Santa.  After he talked to Santa and gave him a hug he wrapped his little arms around me and thanked me for getting us tickets to go on the train!  When I asked Brandon what he wanted to get on his new sick blanket he told he wanted a photo of me and him from that day.   And yes my heart did melt a little bit when he said that!
Now let me make something very clear before I tell you about my 2nd blanket.  Brandon Jr is my sentimental son.  I love both my boys the same and I know they boy love me.  Quinn is a very honest person, sometimes brutally so.  If you ask him if something looks bad he will truly tell you if it does.  If your breath stinks Quinn will be the person to let you know.  Quinn is just Quinn.  After hearing his brother heart felt reason for why he wanted this photo on his blanket Quinn looked me right in the eye and asked me "Mom do you want to know what makes me happiest?"  I got a little smirk on his face, I am his favorite thing in the entire world.  We have so MANY memories.  I tuck him at night, I make his favorite dinner at least 2 times a week, I write him cute little notes in his lunch can.  I got a huge smile on my face and said "what makes you happiest Quinn?"  I sat back just waiting to hear which of our lifetime memories made him happiest.
With a huge smile he told me.... "Loki"  umm what!!!!!  I love my dog more then most people love their dog, but  I mean come on!  I ma his mom, how can I not be his favorite.  Okay he is confused so I have to remind him of all the fun we had.  So after  several minutes of reminding him of all our fun times, he looks me dead in the eye and with all the earnest a 6 year old can muster up tells me "Yeah but Loki licks my toys and it tickles...."  Well how can I complete with that!  So here folks is my little Quinn's new blanket

I honest though am in love with both of them!  I can't get over how great they turned out and I know that this is something my boys will cherish for years to come!  If you are looking for that one of kind gift this holiday season, look no further Collage.com has everything you could possible need for everyone on your holiday list.

All of their blankets are backed by Collage.com's Just Right 100% satisfaction guarantee: if a customer doesn't like his or her order, they make it right or refund their money.
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