Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Addicted to Lugz

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.

I am a product brat, and what I mean by that is when I find something I love I only want to use that product!  It can be clothing, food, cleaning products, shampoo ect.  Now don't get me wrong I always try different things, but I tend to go back.  Well not to my favorite brand of shampoo :(  My hubby said I am out of my mind if he thinks I am spending $40 once a month on shampoo and conditioner....  

But one brand my hubby and I agree on is Lugz.  We both have several pairs of boots and sneakers.  We even got our kiddos footwear from them!  The reason we love them so much is they are comfortable, durable and very stylish.  My hubby works on his feet 10+ hours a day.  He needs something that can keep up with him.  I sit at a computer desk all day, but I still want something comfortable.  And my kiddos are just rough on everything, sometimes I just look at the destruction they leave in their wake and wonder how 2 little boys can cause so much havoc.  It doesn't matter though because Lugz meets each of our needs.

When I found out I was going to get a new pair everyone wanted it for themselves, but being the good wife that I am I got them for my hubby....  Please our anniversary is coming up and now I don't have to spend money on him lol!!

Here is the pair he choose to review
The Men’s Changeover II Ice is a classic sneaker that provides a stylish athletic look perfect for everyday wear. This sneaker features folded edge upper construction, a translucent outsole, a padded tongue and collar and a cushioned insole for added support and comfort.
 DETAILS: Permahide upper Padded tongue & collar Folded edge upper construction Cushioned insole Translucent outsole

So you can see from the photo they are very stylish.  My hubby can wear them family get together or even date night.  Don't let the stylish look fool you though these shoes are built to last, when you pick them up you can tell just how durable they are.  So even though he can wear them out he can also wear them to work and be assured his feet will stay warm and secure.  And lastly they are comfortable, my hubby can wear them all day without getting sore feet.  And because of the cushioning his feet even get a bit of relief for his contstant standing.

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