Lugz helping you do the holidays in style

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.

My hubby and I don't always agree on products.  He likes margarine I like butter.  He likes deep fried food, I like baked.  He likes sauve I like dove and the list goes on and on.
One thing my hubby and I have in common is we both spend a lots of time of on our feet.  He is a foreman in a large warehouse and spends most of his day walking.  I work as a teaching aide with a special needs little girl who likes to move :).  If we don't wear the right shoes we pay for it, so even though we disagree on most brands the one brand my hubby and I agree on is Lugz.  We both have several pairs of boots and sneakers.  We even got our kiddos footwear from Lugz.  The reason we love them so much is they are comfortable, durable and very stylish.  My hubby works on his feet 10+ hours a day.  He needs something that can keep up with him.   

When I found out I was going to get a new pair everyone wanted it for themselves, but being the good wife that I am I got them for my hubby.

Here is the pair he choose to review
The Mens Fortitude Oxford Sneaker 

Let this fashion forward and athletic oxford sneaker accompany you everywhere. The refined and flattering design of this sneaker provides a constant satisfying cushioned step throughout the day. The Fortitude is the dynamic sneaker to accessorize your outfit, or the crucial part of your daily routine.

I love that it is functional for my hubby to wear to work, but also dressy enough that we can go to dinner right when he gets home.  And I really do think these are versatile enough that anyone could wear them!  My hubby is 33, but I could so see my 10 year old rocking them or even my 55 year old dad!
That is the great thing about Lugz they have a style for everyone

Padded Insole
Rubber Outsole
Breathable Lining
Padded Collar and Tongue
Synthetic Leather Upper