Super Impulse World’s Smallest toys

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

My kids as many other kiddos are obsessed with youtube!  Now I monitor what they watch, but for the most part they like watching videos on how to beat certain levels in their video games.  They also love the gummy vs. real food videos and they like watching "toys for the 80's or 90's".
I was born in 87 so my kiddos make me sit down when they have these videos on and tell them which toys I had.  Sadly I was poor growing up so the list is pretty short lol.  Sometimes they even watch these video's with my dad and ask him which toys he had.
It is fun to reminisce with my little guys and thanks to Super Impulse World's Smallest toys, I can now get them a small version of some of the toys I once loved!!
One word can be used to describe World’s Smallest toys: nostalgic. 

World’s Smallest toys are a blast from the past, and these classics never go out of style! Super Impulse, a leader in the retro toy space, is responsible for this successful line of toys – the adorable miniature versions of everyone’s favorite toys. These are the same toys that parents and grandparents grew up with including the 1948 Magic 8 Ball, 1959 Barbie, 1943 Silly Putty, Gumby from the 1950’s and many more! They’re all fully working versions: Barbie’s limbs are fully articulate and the 1970’s Rubik’s cube replica is functional – the perfect pocket-sized buddy or desktop companion. 
 These toys are so small they make the perfect addition to any stocking stuffer. World’s Smallest gives you the chance to re-collect all your old favorites and re-introduce the toys that brought you joy in your childhood to the little ones in your life!