The Child's Motorized Personal Transporter

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A few weeks ago my son left his scooter behind my car and I know most of you already know what happened....  I ran it over and broke it!  My son cried, this was one of his favorite outdoor toys.  We live in the country and very few cars come down our road, he could spend hours just going back and forth in our drive away, his brother has a scooter as well and they would race each other!  The best was when Loki was outside with them and would chase them around.  But thanks to me not looking behind my car I ran it over and it cracked, I did have every intention of getting him a new one.... And yes I did use the word "DID" because now dear readers I found something even funner!
The Child's Motorized Personal Transporter 

The Child's Motorized Personal Transporter (Blue) 
This is the motorized personal transporter is perfectly sized and speed for young riders.  Not only is the right size for my little guys height, but it also is lightweight.  Sometimes the battery does die, but it is nothing for him to just push it back to the charger.

If you don't want to take my word for it, this Transporter is also the Winner of the National Parenting Seal of Approval!
The stand-up vehicle is operated via a foot pedal accelerator and handle grip buttons that control turning. Quinn is 6 and on the smaller side, but he was easily able to each the foot accelerator and the handles.  Oh and you don't need much pressure at all!

Pressing and holding a button sends the transporter into a 360º spin; pressing both buttons simultaneously puts it in reverse. It gradually accelerates to a tame 3.7 mph top speed so parents needn’t worry about children zooming off uncontrollably.   The transporter’s large tires have molded-in treads for optimal traction on sidewalks and driveways while its sturdy, wide platform and a hidden third wheel provide stability for riders up to 89 lbs.  So in other words my clumsy Quinn isn't going to be able to flip it over.

 Its 12-volt battery provides up to 60 minutes of continuous use from an 8-10 hour charge via the included AC charger.  I do like that my boys can get 60 minutes out of, now for us that means like 2 hours.  Because Quinn will hope on ride around, get off to explore something, hope back on to go up to his tree house, ect.  Oh and it does go pretty well in the grass area,  our grass is cut pretty low though and I haven't tried it in rougher terrain.

It does come with stickers so children can customize their ride.  Quinn also added a few of his own.

And adult assembly is required.  That was pretty easy though I got it together within a few minutes.  I do want to give parents a little advice though, you do need to charge it for 8-10 hours I would suggest doing this before your kids even see it!!  My little guy asked me every 15 minutes if he could ride it yet!!


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The Child's Motorized Personal Transporter (Blue)