ZhuZhu Pets

Disclaimer:  I was given several products in this post for the purpose of review.  i was not paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Dear Parents,
I am writing you this letter as a warning.... Prepare yourselves for an invasion.  Your home and family is about to be taken over but cute furry little critters that go by the name ZHU ZHU PETS.  You will not be able to fight them off and to be honest you will not want to. 

 Not only do the look adorable, but each one has its own special marking, colors and something that makes them unique.  The little orange guy above is Mr. Squiggles. With a brain that won't stop working, this Hamster's mind is always spinning as is he!!  The cute purple Zhu Zhu is Num Nums is the heart of the Zhu Zhu gang. The heart-shaped birthmark on her purple fur is a small symbol for the big heart inside this sweet Hamster.  These are only 2 of the many pets you can bring home.

Oh but wait dear parents
Not only are they the cutest little things ever, but they also come with an entire line of accessories.   

Be forewarned your child will love them, you will love them and even your pets will want to chase them.  The make the cutest little noises when you push the button on their backs.  Now I have a real pet rat and he is pretty good, but sometimes he just does what he wants.  And he has, how should I say, accidents....  Zhu Zhu pets never run away and the don't need to use the bathroom!  It is like having a pet with only pros and no cons!  The fun doesn't stop there, there is even an entire website where you can go play with digital Zhu Zhu pets.   My kiddos love watching these little guys go and they have fun setting up little courses and watching their Zhu Zhu figure out which way to go.
You have been warned
Signed from a parent who has already been invaded.