Build-A-Bear Workshop Holiday 2017 Collection

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  I like decorating, watching Christmas movies, baking, caroling and just being with  my family.  Last year we started to do Elf of the Shelf, I wont lie I hate that little Elf!  I always forget to move him and Heaven forbid he fall from where I put him!  No one can touch him to put him back, but if we don't my dog will eat him!  That is why this year I am starting a new tradition.  I got my boys 2 Reindeer from Build-A-Bear.  And I attached a letter from Santa that the boys need to name them and play with them until Christmas Eve.  When Santa comes Christmas Eve he will pick them back up and take them home until next year.  My boys asked me why they had to go with Santa and I told them because Santa's other reindeer are tired by the time they get to our house so they need a help.  I also told them that Santa sent some of his reindeer to Build-A-Bear in case other kids want to help him take care of them.  You know just in case we go to BAB and my kids see them!!
My kids loved this story and so the Reindeer tradition has begun!  The best part is I don't need to remember to move them and it is okay to touch them!!!  Now please note this is just something I decided to do you, you can get these reindeer to just be your kiddos friend or even just to have out on the holidays.

Okay enough about me, let me tell you about the awesome reindeer being offered by Build-A-Bear

Build-A-Bear Workshop’s holiday collection, featuring adorable reindeer that make the perfect gift for those furry friend lovers on your list! All will become available in stores and online starting Nov. 1 (Which is now!!) New this year are Silver Snow and Color Glow Glisten, which features light-up antlers (Price: $28 USD). Another favorite is the Classic Reindeer, which can be customized with outfits and accessories, as well as medallions with the names of each of the classic reindeer. 
 And they offer so many cute little outfit and accessories that you can get for your Reindeer.