Christmas Forest

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid anyway to write this review.  all opinions are my own

My boys were both born in November.  My youngest was born on the 22 so a lot of the times he asks me if for his birthday we can start to decorate for Christmas.  My oldest was born on the first of November, so he normally gets jealous that we don't get to decorate for the holidays on his birthday.  So a few years ago I told him every year on his birthday we can put out 1 Christmas wreath and a snow globe.  Those of my 2 favorite decorations.  Well he was so excited, so now each year on November first we bust out our snowman snow glove and we get a wreath. 

So I use to have a fake one and even though it is cute, it just doesn't have that Christmas feel, last year I discovered Christmas Forest and I fell in love with their real Christmas Wreaths!
We normally go with a traditional round wreath, but this year Christmas Forest is offering Candy cane shaped wreaths!!!  Making holiday fun even better

22" Candy Cane Red Bow Christmas Wreath
Red and green are the traditional Christmas colors and you won't be disappointed in this great combination on a candy cane shaped Christmas wreath.
22" Candy cane shaped wreath
 Forest fresh evergreens

So here is what I love about this company:
Everything is fresh!  When I get my wreaths they are a vibrant green and they smell amazing!  When you come up to my front door you can smell Christmas!  It put everyone into the holiday mood
They also offer free shipping to 48 states!  I don't know about you, but free is always good with me
You can tell a lot of love goes into hand crafting these wreaths.  Each year my wreath is stunning and gets so many compliments.

And this is kind of personal, but they are built to last!!  Last year I got really sick after Christmas.  I am normally that person that has their decorations down by Christmas night.  Not last year, those babies stayed up for quite sometime.  Well I completely forgot my wreath and low and behold a bird started to build her nest in it!  Being the animal love that I am I just couldn't take it down.  So I left up the nest and wreath!
 I don't know how good of a look you can get at my facebook post, but this was a photo from May 8th/  My wreath still looks awesome and was stable enough to hold mama and her 2 eggs!!  So yes Christmas Forest gets to huge thumbs up for not only having stunningly beautiful products, but also having products that are so well put together they last for months!!!

To learn more about then and see all they have to offer check out my link below: