Geosafari Sonic Sleuth

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In my family my hubby does the sports and I handle the learning.  It works for us, I don't know the first thing about sports and my hubby just doesn't like learning/reading/art like I do.  That is okay though, my boys get the best of both worlds!!  With that said when we Christmas shop my hubby tends to get them gloves, bats and all things sports.  I go more for art sets, books, and toys that teach.  Now don't get me wrong we also get them other stuff.  We try to stick pretty close to their list, but we also try to get them stuff that we picked up.  Something that has just a little extra love since it wasn't on their list and it something we picked out when we saw it and thought of them.  So it should be without surprise I do a lot of my shopping on sights like Educational Insights.  That have a whole array of toys that are not only fun, but also teach kiddos something as they play.  Or at the very least get them asking questions about why certain things work the way they do.
This year I can't wait to give Brandon Jr the Geosafari Sonic Sleuth
The Big Idea 

This powerful, handheld listening device tunes in to sounds from over 300 feet away! Young scientists and detectives can zone in on a birdsong or buddies' conversations. It’s the ultimate eavesdropper! 

Psst...They're Learning! 
  • Introductory science and investigative tool
  • Promotes outdoor exploration
  • Encourages independent, parent-free learning
Cut to the Chase 
  • High-performance listening device for sound experiments and outdoor activities
  • Features a high-sensitivity microphone, parabolic sound collection dish, high-quality headphones, and sound targeting scope
  • Built-in frequency controller blocks out harmful noise above 85 decibels for super-safe sonic sleuthing
  • Requires one 9-volt battery (not included)