Laurence King Publishing holiday offerings

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  i was not paid to write this review, all opinions are my own.

I think we have 40 more days until Christmas!!  Okay people don't panic that is still a lot of time to go shopping, wrap gifts, decorate, bake, plan Christmas dinner, go caroling, volunteer at the school's Christmas program, donate to toys for tots, find a new hiding space for the gifts since the kids figured out where they were last year and you had to lie and say those were for other kids....  Okay people I lied PANIC PANIC PANIC!!  Only teasing lol, take a deep breather and remember what the holidays are really about, celebrating the birth of Jesus!!  

Now I am going to sound like a bit of a hypercritical here, because yes I know the true meaning of Christmas....  But I am still that mom that loves seeing her kids face light up come Christmas morning.  I put  a lot of love and time into their gifts.  That is why I put together this gift guide each year, to hopefully give other parents ideas on what to get their loved ones.
Next up with have Laurence King Publishing Holiday Offerings, I have a family of readers so this one was really fun for me!!
Known for producing artful and distinctive games, books, and gifts reflecting high production values, Laurence King is perhaps best known for publishing the worldwide bestselling coloring books, SECRET GARDEN and ENCHANTED FOREST. Based in London, the company enjoys worldwide distribution. It publishes interactive art books, maze books, story-telling cards, and educational seek-and-find and memory games for imaginative children. For fun-loving and curious adults, Laurence King publishes trivia games for film buffs, themed bingo games for Family Game Night, card games with fashion themes, and guided journals for architectural doodling. Books and subject areas include art, graphic design, photography, architecture, and fashion design, history, and sewing. 

Okay so that was a lot to round it all up, Laurence King has something for everyone on your list!!  They offer items perfect for all ages

Jon Burgerman shows you how to doodle a dragon, scribble a sausage and colour a chameleon in this hilarious how-to guide! Inspired by Jon's popular Snapchat Daily Doodle, this book is packed with instructions, hints and tips to create your own scribbletastic doodles, from dogs, doughnuts and dinosaurs to whales, wigs and wizards. This crazy collection contains over 100 silly ideas to scribble, funny things to spot along the way, and more than 40 stickers!

Ever wanted to be a superhero, but just didn’t know how to go about it? The Superhero Handbook features 20 exciting activities to help you develop your superhero powers. Choose your superhero name, discover your superpower, make your own superhero costume and gadgets, and much more! 

Fire your imagination with these fun storytelling cards. Reviving the Victorian craze for ‘myrioramas’, the 20 picture cards can be placed in any order to create seamless scenes. Almost infinite combinations of cards provide endless storyscaping possibilities. Traverse an enchanted landscape as you build a perpetual panorama inhabited by fire-breathing dragons, magical unicorns and sinister shadow figures. With many games to play and millions of stories to tell, each turn of the card is a new adventure. Where will the story take you? There are over two quintillion storyscaping possibilities, and you can build a seamless panorama stretching up to 170cm!

This family-friendly game is packed with cheeky monkeys and other mischievous primates from all around the world for hours of bingo fun. It features such firm favourites as the ring-tailed lemur and the chimpanzee, one of our closest living relatives, as well as more unusual creatures like the mustachioed emperor tamarin and the tiny, carnivorous western tarsier, whose eyes are as big as its brain and whose head can rotate 180° in either direction. Boasting 64 weird, wonderful and beautiful species, Monkey Bingo is filled with fun facts and glorious illustrations that are guaranteed to delight monkey lovers and novices alike. Mark each species off on your card as it’s called and be the first to shout BINGO

Create your own spooky tales – based on a unique and award-winning format, this game contains 20 story-telling puzzle pieces printed on both sides. Each piece can be interchanged or flipped over to allow for all kinds of plot twists and turns, and there are even three alternative endings! When all the puzzle pieces are used, they stretch out to over 8-feet long to tell your own mega ghost story! Can you help a friendly family of ghosts save their house? Can you evade the ghost catcher at the funfair and release all the captured ghosts … or do the pieces hold another tale? Tell a different story each time you play!

And these are just a few of the many items offered at Laurence King Publishing!