Super Wings and Drone Force

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

When Christmas comes around my boys are going to be 7 and 10!  I can't believe just how old they are getting, Quinn is still very much into toys.  Brandon Jr on the other hand likes toys, but wants something a bit more grown up.  Trust me this is the first time I have to shop for a semi preteen, I'm a bit at a lost here!  It is okay though, because companies like Drone Force and Super Wings have me covered, they offer toys from their Super Wings Line that are perfect for my Quinn's age and also toys from their Drone Force line that are perfect for Brandon Jr.  The quite literally have something for all age groups.

Okay so instead of telling you why they are perfect for my family, let me instead show you some of the great products they are offering this holiday season so you can get excited about shopping with them for your family

Introducing Drone Force - a team of fun and easy to fly RC creatures, each with different performance and battle features.

Stinger Alien drone technology at your fingertips! Take control of the skies with stable and intuitive flight control. Feature a durable exoskeleton roll cage for safe and strong indoor flying.

Vulture Strike With a built-in targeting system, the Vulture Strike can take aim and fire dual missiles in flight! Safe and fun to fly indoors and outdoors.

Angler AttackThe terror of the sea... illuminating the skies! Electro-surge attack with brilliant, luminescent LEDs and Glow FX! Features one-touch takeoff and landing for easy indoor and outdoor flight.

Morph Zilla Surface to sky mayhem! Drive on the ground in Ape Mode, morph into action and then fly in the air in Drone Mode. Easy to morph, stunt and fly, both indoors and outdoors.

Super WingsTM Jett’s Takeoff Tower

Description: Takeoff on a new
adventure with Jett’s Takeoff Tower
that includes built in ramps and 1 Jett
Pop n Transform character. Each set
features a World Airport Tower and
Air Traffic Control Center inside for
hours of endless fun.

 Super WingsTM Super Robot Suit

Description: Jett is larger than life in his new eight step
transformation Super Robot Suit. Each set includes 1
robot suit and 1 5” Jett Transforming Character. The
suit includes lights, sounds, and phrases from your
favorite Super WingsTM show.