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My life sometimes feels like an endless list of to-do items.  Laundry, work, dishes, cooking, cleaning, shopping and on and on it goes.  Rinse, dry and repeat day in and day out.  It can get rather depressing!  But here is the thing, it doesn't have to!  You can find fun everyday.  Dance when you do your dishes, sing as you fold your clothing.  After a long day at work plan to have a huge ice cream sundae at home! 
Don't sit around waiting for life to happen, make it happen.  And if you don't have any ideas you need to check out National Today

 Where every single day is a holiday

 I love celebrating at National Today because, not only do they clue me into each month’s holiday—they also give some fun holiday history, facts that will blow my mind, and helpful deals that help me celebrate in style.

Remember to mark these holidays on your calendar, and cheers to a 2018 full of celebration!


Here are my favorite January holidays. The careful observer might notice they’re all about food!

National Popcorn Day (Jan. 19)

Raise your hand if you’ve eaten an entire bag of popcorn in one sitting (we have).

National Pie Day (Jan. 23)

Did you know pecan is America’s favorite flavor of pie?

National Peanut Butter Day (Jan. 24)

Which do you prefer: chunky or smooth?

National Chocolate Cake Day (Jan. 27)

Devil’s (food) advocates of the world, rejoice!

Chinese New Year (Jan. 28)

Enjoy double the New Year’s celebrations.


Here are a couple classic February holidays. Galentine’s Day, anyone?

Groundhog Day (Feb. 2)

Will he see his shadow?

National Pizza Day (Feb. 9)

Pineapples on pizza, yes or no? The debate rages on.

Galentine’s Day (Feb. 13)

This classic holiday was made famous by Parks and Recreation.

Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14)

Let’s be real, isn’t all of February pretty much Valentine’s Day?

National Margarita Day (Feb. 22)

More like marga-need-a.


Get ready to celebrate these 5 holidays … but remember to beware the Ides of March!

National Pancake Day (Mar. 7)

‘Pan’ I have a whole plate of these?

International Women’s Day (Mar. 8)

In my book, every day should be Women’s Day.

Ides of March (Mar. 15)

Did you know “ides” actually means “15”?

National Puppy Day (Mar. 23)

We all deserve a puppy (or five).

Red Nose Day (Mar. 24)

This holiday is huge in the U.K. — it’s comedy relief for charity!


These are the worst days in April (April Fool’s, they’re the best).

National Beer Day (Apr. 7)

Really not my thing, but I could always sip a root beer on this day!

National Sibling Day (Apr. 10)

Love or hate them, you’re stuck with them!  Oh no a day to celebrate my younger brats day lol!!

Tax Day (Apr. 18)

Tax Day might be one of the most dreaded days of the year … but it still deserves some love!

Earth Day (Apr. 22)

I’m going to be hugging plenty of trees today.

Arbor Day (Apr. 28)

If you missed Earth Day, here’s another opportunity to connect with Mother Nature!


This month is all about the classic occasions, with the exception of Star Wars Day (but who could leave that one out?!)

May Day (May 1)

In this case, not a phrase of doom, but a joyous celebration!

Star Wars Day (May 4)

May the 4th be with you.  Okay Star Wars marathon at my house! 

Cinco de Mayo (May 5)

Enchiladas or tacos...  hmmm how about both!

Mother’s Day (May 14)

Consider this your official reminder to call your mother.

Memorial Day (May 29)


This month, we celebrate some of the most important relationships in our lives—fathers, best friends, and donuts.

National Donut Day (Jun. 2)/
Do-nut mess with me before I get my donuts today.

National Best Friends Day (Jun. 8)

Now that “bestie-moons” are a thing, I know exactly what I’m doing to celebrate.

Father’s Day (Jun. 18)

I’m looking forward to all the dad jokes today.

Summer Solstice (Jun. 20 and 21)

Spend a long day outside with friends!

National Kissing Day (Jun. 24)

Who will you be kissing today?


Two of my favorite foods are celebrated in this month—ice cream and cheesecake.

Independence Day (Jul. 4)

If you didn’t get a barbecue on Memorial Day, here’s your chance.

National Ice Cream Day (Jul. 16)

We all scream for ice cream!

National Cousin’s Day (Jul. 24)

They’re just like siblings … except we love them more (shh).

National Cheesecake Day (Jul. 30)

Do it for the grahm.

National Dance Day (Jul. 30)

Just don’t dance right after you eat cheesecake.


This month is the season of celebrating summer drinks — have a beer or lemonade on me!

National Girlfriend Day (Aug. 1)

Don’t worry, boyfriends also have their day — it’s in October.

International Beer Day (Aug. 4)

Do you like dark or light beers?

National Friendship Day (Aug. 7)

We’re so lucky to celebrate all types of relationships in August — not just significant others.

National Lemonade Day (Aug. 20)

Not just a classic Beyonce album.

National Dog Day (Aug. 26)

You officially have permission to show your friends 25 dog pics in a row.


This month truly contains the most important day of the year: National Coffee Day. Bless the three cups a day that keep me running!

Labor Day (Sept. 4)

Find out some of the most exciting activities to fill your day off!

Constitution Day (Sept. 17)

This document truly defines America — we think that deserves a celebration.

Fall Equinox (Sept. 22)

Give thanks for the longest day of the year, and get your sweaters ready as the days start getting shorter.

National Pancake Day (Sept. 26)

Do you like your pancakes with butter or syrup best?

National Coffee Day (Sept. 29)

Ah, the nectar of life — the wonderful liquid that keeps America sane.


Trick or treat! These are some of my favorite holidays in the leadup to Halloween.

National Boyfriend Day (Oct. 3)

It’s Bae Dae #2 — did you celebrate National Girlfriend Day?

Columbus Day (Oct. 9)

Also called Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Boss’s Day (Oct. 16)

We spend every day with them, but have you stopped to think about what makes them so special?

Sweetest Day (Oct. 21)

Learn about this little known candy holiday, and spread the celebration beyond the Midwest.

Halloween (Oct. 31)

Trick or treat, smell my feet!


I enjoy all the shopping holidays November brings … so I included all of them below!

Veteran’s Day (Nov. 11)

On Veteran’s Day, we commemorate those brave soldiers who fought for our freedom.

Thanksgiving (Nov. 23)

Do you actually know how this classic holiday started? Its origins might surprise you.

Black Friday (Nov. 24)

Everyone knows about it, but do you know the best deals? National Today does.

Cyber Monday (Nov. 27)/
If shopping in stores stresses you out, shop without pants on with some of National Today’s featured promotions.

Giving Tuesday (Nov. 28)

This little known holiday encourages people to give to their favorite charities.


It might be the end of the year, but you can still fit in lots more holiday celebration before the New Year!

National Ice Cream Day (Dec. 13)

As if you needed a reason to celebrate America’s favorite food!

Winter Solstice (Dec. 21)

Did you know Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year?

Festivus (Dec. 23)

It all started with a Seinfeld quote — “A Festivus for the rest of us!”

Christmas (Dec. 25)

One of America’s most treasured holidays, you’ll find ideas to make the celebration even more special here.

New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31)

Which sparkly outfit will you wear to celebrate? 

The days I listed about are only a few days!  You so need to check out National Today where ever day is a celebration :)