Winter Skin blah! MANGIACOTTI

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review
My skin is not very happy right now!  My hands are dry, my feet are dry, my elbows and knee are dry....  OKAY EVERYTHING IS JUST DRY!  I am one of those people that have all intention of using lotion!  I but several each year and convince myself this is the year I am going to keep up on my skin.  And like always I wait until my skin is horrible and start to do damage control.  Thanks to the whipped lotion and body wash from MANGIACOTTI
   my skin isn't only smelling good, it is also feeling pretty good too.
I was able to review both in the pomegranted scent.

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is not only the season of love, but also the season of the Pomegranate?  The “Pom” is understood to be the fruit that grew in the Garden of Eden and which biblical scouts brought to Moses to show the fertility of the promised land and perhaps most significantly the Bard of love, Shakespeare, used the symbolism of a pomegranate tree to represent true love, forbidden love, and sweet innocence between Romeo and Juliet.   Personal Care brand MANGIACOTTI loves Pomegranates and celebrates the sweet and tart fruit for both its medicinal powers and its distinct fragrance profile.   Introducing the Pomegranate Whipped Body Wash and Whipped Body Lotion Gift Set created with an aromatic blend of essential oils to heighten the olfactory and aroma-therapeutic experience (what better way to send your Valentine a message).   Delicately scented with top notes of pomegranate, sparkling citrus, juicy papaya, with hints of blackberry, iris, jasmine and a base note of red cassis this tantalizing duo is like “dessert” for the skin and its proprietary formula dispenses just like whipped cream for some extra V-Day fun! 

  Mangiacotti’s new Whipped Body Wash and Whipped Body Lotion are both lightweight yet incredibly luxurious, providing hydration and intensive moisturizing along with other key features and benefits as they clean and moisten the skin.  
·      Powerful skin and body care with a light as air finish
·      Applications that transform from whipped cream to instantly absorbed moisturizer
·      Weightless formulations to leave skin feeling nourished, silky-soft to the touch, with a smooth finish and healthy glow ·      Thoughtful formulations infused with moisturizing plant-derived ingredients and essential oils
·      Potent moisturizing properties to allow skin to retain more moisture ·      Immediate “breathable”, non-greasy, feel without compromising product  potency
·      Six unique fragrance profiles (made with essential oils) developed to heighten the olfactory and aroma-          therapeutic experience; Pomegranate, Ginger Lime, Clementine, Lavender,        Ocean and Lemon Verbena
·      Paraben-free, never tested on animals, made in the USA and finished by citizens        with disabilities.
·      A little goes a long way!– It doesn’t take much of these whipped formulas to cover skin, providing a great value because they last longer.

My review:
I love it!  The whipped formally is thick but also fluffy!  Given me full coverage!  I love that I just need to use a little bit and it goes a long way.  The scent is there, but subtle.  There isn't an overpowering perfume smell.  Which is perfect for my family, I don't have my own body wash of lotions....  I wish I did, but my boys don't know how to leave my stuff alone lol!
My skin feels pretty good just after a few uses.
The best part is this is only 2 of the many product offered by Magiacotti!  And pomegranate is only one of the many scents 

In 1998 when President and Creative Director Michele Mangiacotti
introduced her first collection of eco-friendly fragranced soaps, lotions, and
candles she wanted a Company she could be proud of. The products
needed to be made in America, the ingredients good for both the user and
the planet, and the packaging utilizing “green” practices and principles. But
unlike other home and personal care brands top on her mission list was a
way to honor her aunt with Down Syndrome by helping others with
disabilities gain employment, independence and self-confidence and
incorporating that goal into the foundation of the brand.
“I remember the pride my Aunt Priscilla felt when she received her first
paycheck,” recalls Mangiacotti. “She was so happy and confident, and that
really stuck with me and I wanted to start my business with that intention.”
For the past 10 years Mangiacotti has built her staff to include people with
disabilities by partnering with Pride, a non-profit organization that
provides work and enrichment programs to people with developmental and
intellectual disabilities. “I am so impressed with all the opportunities people
with special needs receive through programs like Pride which help build self
confidence and encourage independence. Their workers are conscientious,
committed and caring. They are dependable, cheerful and desire to do well
everyday as they hand finish and package our product collections. This
partnership is one way, as a Company, we demonstrate our commitment to
our local communities, working to build a society where everyone has the
freedom to contribute in a valuable and fulfilling way.”
Spending time with these workers provided an unexpected gift that is today
evident in every one of the brand’s product SKU’s and part of the
Company’s overall visual branding message. Mangiacotti continues, “I just
love the art classes offered at Pride and seeing the creativity and self

expression shown through art and the art classes offered at Pride. The art
has really moved me. We have been supporting and working “paint brush”
in hand with this program and have commissioned watercolors from
participants in the classes to exhibit at tradeshows which inspired our new
package design.”
As a businesswoman Mangiacotti feels it’s her responsibility to be a good
example for the community and her employees as well as the retail
partners and the consumers who buy and use Mangiacotti products. And
while “being and seeing” the good” feels good, it also makes great business
sense, and nothing feels as good as building a successful Company and
brand awareness while you are doing something good. “That I have been
able to create a joyful “giving back” work culture and environment and be
as passionate and excited about the success of each new product launch is
a dream come true.” And an inspirational message that retailers and
consumers what to be a part of. “For me, Mangiacotti is not just a
(product) line; it’s a commitment for what you decide your business is going
to stand for and the good that you bring to the world.”
Mangiacotti supports many ongoing initiatives yearlong including a recent
donation of soaps to victims of the Hurricanes through The American Red
Cross and ongoing product proceeds and donations to local food pantries in
Foxborough, Massachusetts near where the Company corporate
headquarters are located. But beyond the operations of her own Company,
Michele Mangiacotti has set a much bigger goal in getting people to get
involved and spread goodness throughout the world. The brand recently
launched the See The Good Project and hash tag with a goal to coordinate
worldwide community service events, fundraisers, goods deeds and
inspiring events through social conversation on social media. The See The
Good Project is about recognizing the good in people in hopes their acts of
kindness will inspire others to do the same. The program offers those who
want to do good in their community a free package of See the Good pins
and tee shirts to use at their events. None of the items include the
company name or information, so the focus is purely focused on the “act of

good.” The brand will also sell the tee shirts on their website with 100% of
the proceeds going to programs that support citizens with disabilities.
“There is so much negativity in the world today. It seems bad news is
making the top headlines,” Mangiacotti said. “But I think we can each be
individual agents of change. Our See the Good Project campaign is all about
recognizing the good in people…good that can become contagious.
I hope to encourage other brands, retailers and consumers, to do the
same,” she added.