ESPN Future Pro Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer ball and Softball

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My kiddos love playing sports.  They play baseball, basketball, soccer and karate.  And this year they both decided to give football a try!  When they aren't in season my kiddos are always outside playing too.  We have more sports equipment than I know what to do with!  I love it though, they have such passion for their sports!  My youngest son just seems to pickup any sport naturally.  He does work at it, but it just come easy to him.  My oldest son, Brandon, really has to work at.  He will practice the same shot/swing/throw over and over again until he perfects it.  He never gives up and when he finally does get it, there is such joy and pride!  I am always proud of both of my boys, but when I know they worked really hard at something I will admit I am a little bit more proud than normal.

The reason I bring all this up is because I know there is other parents just like me.  Who have kiddos that it just doesn't come to naturally.  That is why I love ESPN Future Pro balls!  They are perfect for teaching and practicing.

The ESPN Future Pro series has been designed by professional athletes to ensure that little athletes are
learning from the best. Mastering the basic skills to any sport is essential for budding athletes to become the
champ on any field or court.
Create your very own top ten highlights in your backyard with the ESPN Future Pro Football, Basketball,
Baseball, Soccer ball and Softball.
 ESPN Future Pro Football – Perfect your soaring spirals and your precise target kicks with our
highlighted hand and foot placement markers.
 ESPN Future Pro Soccer – Accurate instructional targets that let you get that desired kick every time,
including passing, chips and shots on net.
 ESPN Future Pro Basketball – Nail your layup, jump-shot or three-pointer by following the instructional
hand-print guide.
 ESPN Future Pro Baseball – The perfect pitch, including fast balls and curve balls, are easy with the
instructional hand placement.
 ESPN Future Pro Softball – Follow key finger markings to master a curve ball or fast ball – make that
pitch perfect.