Maximum, Beast Quest

I was given products in this post for the purpose of review  I was not paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.
My oldest son struggles with reading.  He is good at it, just he doesn't like it.  Since he doesn't like it, he doesn't do it much.  Which isn't good one because he doesn't have the fluency he should and two because as someone whom loves to read I know just how much he is missing out on!

When I saw Beast Quest a famous book series was becoming a video game the sneaky mom in me came up with a plan....  Yes you most likely guessed it, I got him the game and told him that if he really wanted to understand the guy it would be best if he read some of the books....  Several books later he is in love!  I think that is how reading works, if you are forced to read book you really have no interested in of course you are not going to want to do it.  But if you can find a series that you really enjoy then you wont be able to stop!  That was so the case with my son.  Now I could go on and on about the book series, but I am here to review the game (But I do want to say my son is 10 if you have a reluctant reader that age or a bit older than def. check out the series!!)

About the Game:

The game is obviously based on the series.  Embark on an epic action-adventure to save the Kingdom of Avantia from ruin. Overcome the dark magic that has corrupted the noble Beasts of the realm. Battle in the mythical world, tackling challenges through stunning landscapes and a plethora of side missions and objectives. Unlock new abilities and upgrades to successfully combat varied opponents. Based on the best-selling fantasy novels, Beast Quest comes to console for the first time ever, with a rich, progressive storyline, vibrant settings, and an excess of compelling challenges. FEATURES 
A Sprawling, Epic Journey. Explore spectacular environments on your quest to release the Beasts that are under the dark magic of the wizard, Malvel. Action-Packed Combat. Battle dangerous creatures and take on giant Beasts in boss battles, using swift maneuvers to dodge, block and attack enemies. Profound Upgrades. Upgrade health, attack and defense through your skill tree, and equip accessories to augment your hero’s attributes. A Land of Treasure. Explore snowy peaks and spooky forests, seeking out ancient artifacts and lost fortune. Hundreds of Challenges. Embark on numerous side missions along your journey that reveal the many hidden secrets of Avantia.

You can see from the trailer that the graphics are really good!  From what I seen my kiddos playing the story line is pretty epic, and looks to be enjoyable for all ages.  My youngest is 7 he loves playing, my 10 year old finds it to be fun and even my 30+ hubby jumps in on the game play sometimes.  So it is def. something people from all ages can enjoy.  They didn't beat the game yet, so it gets a thumbs up for not being to easy.  I can see them playing this for quite awhile.  The battles scenes do take a bit to get use to.  It isn't like things my boys are use to playing.  If anything it remind me of a more vintage game in that aspect. And getting to that vintage feel the game is so awkward it is fun!  The dialogue always makes me chuckle!  Does anyone remember Donkey Kong part 2, where Diddy and Dixie had to save Donkey Kong?  Well everytime they went to see Cranky Kong I would laugh.  The stuff he said never made any sense, but it was so bad it was good!  That is what the dialogue remind me of in this game.   My boys don't seem to notice, but it is always enough to make me giggle for a bit :)

Overall this game isn't the most epic game we have ever played, but it is def. fun.