Teeth beware Plackers Kids Flossers are here!

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review  I was not paid to write this review

My boys are up before 6am.  Their bus comes at 6:50 and because I need to leave right from the bus stop to go to work it is always hectic.  And there is 2 things that I dread every single morning; brushing of the teeth and finding their shoes.  Now trust me we have a spot to put our shoes.  My kiddos just refuse to do it.  So each morning we spend 10 minutes looking for them.  It isn't that big of a deal.  They are somewhere in the house we just need to find where. 

The teeth brushing though is a thing of nightmares.  There is always tears, my oldest even gags and threatens to puke, I need to stand over them and make sure they just don't get the tooth brush wet.  Than every single morning I need to explain why we need to floss and use mouth wash.  Which than triggers more tears and gagging and by this point in time even I am ready to pull out my hair and scream!

Don't worry dear readers I am not here to say oh but I found a product to make all this go away.  Sadly I think I will be forced to live this personal Hell for many more years to come.  But I do want to say using Plackers does make it a bit easier! And it is a product I have used before writing this post.

Plackers® Kids Flossers are specially designed to promote healthy habits from an early age – which is not always an easy task. These flossers for kids feature a dual grip handle and angled head that provide easy use for kids of all ages. Each Plackers Kids Flosser contains fluoride to promote healthy teeth.
  • Reduces tooth decay and promotes healthier gums for children
  • Provides fluoride and is not manufactured with BPA materials
  • Fruit Smoothie Swirl flavor and colored flossers that make flossing fun for kids

  Reasons I love Plackers Kids Flossers 
1)I no longer need to measure out floss and hope I have a long enough piece
2) My kids always claim they can't reach their back teeth with the string, but with the Plackers they can easily get it
3) They have more control over them and can get hard to reach areas
4) They now come in fun kid flavors!  I don't know about you, but if I tell my kids something is fruit smoothie swirl flavored they are a bit more likely to use it!

And with Easter just a few days away these are perfect for Easter baskets!  Break up all the candy with must have Plackers Kids Flossers!

I have no complaints about this product.  I do wish my kids would just wake up one day and decide they love keeping up with their oral hygiene...  But lets face it they will never happen.
The least I can do is make it slightly easier with Plackers