Mother's Day is almost here!

Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post.
When I was little like most kids my mom walked a fine line between parent and friend.  She was my best friends some days and other days she would yell and ground me!  At the time I hated her for it, but because my mom choose to be my mom and not my friend I avoided a lot of mistakes and made mostly good choices with my life.  Now that I am a mother and adult my mom and are friends.  I can tell my mom anything and everything and since she spent so much time caring for me and loving me as a child I know she always has my best interested at heart.  And now as a mother I know that every time she had to yell at me it hurt her just as much as it did me. 

My mom really is a great person so on mother's day I go all out!  I haven't yet saved enough money to take her to Ireland, but that is my goal one day!  For now that I just make sure that for one day she feels like the Queen she is

So how do I do that:
Step one:  Cook her breakfast.  We don't live in the same house, so this normally involves me stopping some where on the way home from church to grab breakfast for everyone.  And I always make sure to clean up when everyone is done.
Step two:  I plan a trip that is just about her.  Now I'm not overly rich so we do something simple like golfing, bowling, going to see a movie.  Sometimes we even just go to our favorite walking spot and go for a walk.
Step 3:  Of course she needs a gift.  My kids always make her a gift.  Most of the time it is a drawling last year they painted rocks for her garden.  And I normally buy her something.  I'm a bit to old to do fingering paintings for my mom!  This year she is getting the 50 Shades movies.   She really enjoyed the book series, so when I saw they were releasing as a collection I knew she just had to have them!  Releasing just in time for Mother's Day, celebrate the journey to motherhood with Anastasia Steele when the Fifty Shades 3-Movie Collection Unrated Edition arrives on Blu-ray May 8, 2018 from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Complete with hours of bonus content from each film to relive every moment.  Now I read the books, and I have to say I am a fan.  I know most people miss the base story line.  Christian Grey was a very abused little boy who watched his own mother die at the age of 4.  It left him scarred and bitter.  He was adopted by a very loving family, but do to a family friend preying on him as a child he has a very unhealthy bedroom life.  In his adult life the only type of human interaction he allows is the type he has full control over.  His relationships are loveless.  He doesn't really connect with anyone... Until Anastasia quite literally falls into his life.  Anastasia sees past the money, the over the top life style to the man Christian can be.  And she loves him enough to help him heal.  
Step 4:  I did breakfast, so one of my siblings will do lunch.  It is never as good as my breakfast... But they do try lol

Step 5:  And this is the most important, just let your mom know she is loved.  Lets face it all of us were tiny jerks at some point in time that gave our mothers endless headaches and most likely scared them billions of times with choices we made.  Yet they still love us!  So lets return that love and let them we appreciate it!